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(Alpharetta, Georgia) Search results for Blockchain Domains reading options, inside the Amazon Kindle Store returns a list of best sellers. Uply Media, Inc leading publisher today announced the number one title “Blockchain Domains Investing Secrets: Tap Into Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Crypto-Assets New Internet and Digital Asset Class, Marketplace Worth Trillions,” will be available for free on Amazon Kindle for a limited time as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Starting on Thursday, August 22nd to Monday, August 26th this most sought after book will be free to download and own exclusively from the Amazon Kindle Store for 2019.

Author Kyle Ransom is a U.S. Navy War Veteran and CEO of Uply Media, Inc a Blockchain Technology Media Agency, has been a true believer and supporter in Blockchain technology. He is a major advocate for Bitcoin, even during the early years and supports investing in decentralized digital cryptocurrencies.

His book identifies Blockchain Domains that sit on top of a smart contract on Zilliqa’s extension, from Unstoppable Domains as the top platform.

Ransom strongly predicts that Blockchain Domains will be invaluable digital assets to own and as a new asset class makes the best low entry investment into Blockchain technology for immense profitability.

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Uply Media, Inc offers a Digital Assets Marketplace featuring a variety of Blockchain Domains available for lease and rental or for sale.

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