How To Promote Your Blockchain Domain On Zilliqa – Make It Valuable To Sell Faster

“Do you own a new Blockchain Domain on the Zilliqa extension blockchain and would like to make it super valuable so you can sell faster?” “Likely, your answer to that burning question is heck yes!” Ownership in a Blockchain Domain is similar to commercial property, like owning digital real estate that can be developed and…


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“Do you own a new Blockchain Domain on the Zilliqa extension blockchain and would like to make it super valuable so you can sell faster?”

“Likely, your answer to that burning question is heck yes!”

Ownership in a Blockchain Domain is similar to commercial property, like owning digital real estate that can be developed and used for varies innovative purposes.

How you develop and design your digital asset will be the origin of your specific revenue model, opening doors to create, sell, and profit!

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If you want to purchase and develop a Zilliqa extension Blockchain Domain and flip it for a huge profit, learning from the history of dot com is a good starting point.


You can either, be smart enough to identify an “ultra-premium domain name” that will sell for millions or close to billions. Keep in mind you will have to be an expert today to master selecting an ultra-premium domain name worth millions and up or start out at the right time on the ground level.

For example, when dot com first started you could have purchased four-letter domain names for under $100 bucks. Later those dot com domain names were sold for millions and are still worth millions today!

One ultra-premium domain name still stands out, which sold for $872 Million dollars owned by Gannett Co. holds the record. However, Zilliqa extension Blockchain Domains will make history and break records in the future.

As an intangible asset as a domain name added influential value and credibility to the business revenue model. It made Gannett Co. the industry leader by controlling the most valuable search term as a keyword or keyword phrase.

“People looking to buy cars can easily associate their search preference by a keyword or keyword phrases.”

The key point is that the business revenue model for was valued at $2.5 Billion dollars and the SEC filing from Gannett Co. credits the dot com domain name, that is an “intangible asset” to be worth 34% to the company’s revenue value. 

In this case, there is lots of confusion online about how much as a domain name was sold for and truly worth. There was never a true sale of only as a domain name. The sale was the entire revenue business model for $2.5 Billion dollars and evaluation of (the domain name) for $872 Million dollars as an intangible asset worth 34% to the business revenue model. 

Breaking a record, was evaluated and sold for $872 million dollars in the deal. 
Review the largest deal in domain names history so far at SEC filings

Another solution and much easier is to design and develop your Zilliqa extension, Blockchain Domain with a business revenue model. This will require you to market and promote your Blockchain Domain for sale to increase brand awareness and gain influential credibility in the marketplace.

Having the perfect “Blockchain Domain” purchased from service provider and blockchain software developer “Unstoppable Domains” on Zilliqa extensions is the hottest new asset class to own right now today and beyond.

Hurry, purchase your “Zilliqa extension Blockchain Domain” from Unstoppable Domain, GO HERE!

Where the minimum starting investment for pre-sales entered the market at $10, $250, $1,000 and $10k cap for auctions.

“Making owning a Blockchain Domain on a Zilliqa extension the smartest investment with low entry points into the blockchain marketplace for newbies.”

First off, everyone thinks they have named their individual Blockchain Domain projects the best.

“Similar to selecting popular Baby Names, all parents absolutely love their choices and connect deeply on an emotional level.”

However, your branding and promotional skills will ultimately determine the success and credibility to build value and equity for your new domain to sell it faster and at a much higher profit margin than the original startup investment.

Here are some examples of Blockchain Domains designed and developed by Uply Media, Inc with a business revenue model. Creating an entry into the marketplace to make a Blockchain Domain valuable and sell faster.

MusicStream.zil Uply Media Inc
Pharmadata.zil Uplymedia Inc
MedicalCoding.zil Uply Media Inc
Palm Beach FL Uply Media Inc

1. Promote Your Blockchain Domain For Sale! Online promotions offer the best solutions to increase brand awareness. Which you need a niche digital asset marketplace to promote your Blockchain Domain that will attract potential buyers to learn about your specific domain offer for sale.

The good news is that Unstoppable Domains will also offer a listing service for FREE to sell your Blockchain Domains with NO Escrow required. This will allow you to finalize your sales transaction.

However, you still also need to build credibility and influence for your Blockchain Domain by branding and promoting it FOR SALE online.

You can link to the Unstoppable Domains listing service to finalize the sales transaction once it goes live.

2. Price your Blockchain Domain to sell fast! Consider all aspects such as matched to dot com extension value, search potential, influence value, and revenue model development potentials for blockchain technology.

By promoting your Blockchain Domain you will actively reach more buyers to sell faster.

While dot com extensions shouldn’t be used to determine the exact value of Blockchain Domains. You can gain an understanding of influence and credibility through dot com extensions.

GoDaddy provides a Domain Name Value & Appraisal free online feature to determine “How much is your domain worth?” worthiness.

3. Make the description of your Blockchain Domain transparent. You need to build credibility and influential value that shines through in your promotional content for the description.

Your goal should be to build brand awareness and loyalty to attract potential buyers.

Focus on making your description interesting and relatable in order to attract potential buyers.

“Similar to why an individual would purchase a house, write a promotional description that would give the same ownership connection feeling.”

Congratulations on purchasing your new Blockchain Domain, all you need now is to brand, market, and promote!

Flipping Blockchain Domains instead of houses is on track to become the next big thing in non-securities investment trends. 

According to Meticulous Research, the global blockchain market is projected to reach USD $28.24 Billion by 2025. Revealing, the market is expected to be driven by the increasing adoption of Backend as a Service (BaaS), “increasing merchants accepting cryptocurrency” and the growing implementation of blockchain in financial institutions.

By third generations, 90% of families are losing their wealth.  Learn more about our Blockchain Domain Investing Network, Potential Investment for our Blockchain Domains Investing Network ranges from 5k to 25k for 50% ownership in your own Blockchain Domain! Go Here!

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