(Alpharetta, Georgia)  Kyle Ransom, CEO of Uply Media, Inc says
this is the ultimate time get to onboard with cutting-edge Blockchain innovation.
Ransom is also a U.S. Navy War Veteran, who served under top-secret clearance assigned to cryptographic equipment. His military background attracted him to Blockchain technology and inspiration for his bestseller book on Amazon about the subject matter.

 Flipping Blockchain Domains instead of houses is on track to become the next big thing in non-securities investment trends. Uply Media, Inc today announced Blockchain Domains Investing Network Opportunities. Presenting solutions to own 50% percentage in top Blockchain Domains that hold the potential to be very valuable in the future.

According to Meticulous Research, the global blockchain market is projected to reach USD 28.24 Billion by 2025. Revealing, the market is expected to be driven by the increasing adoption of Backend as a Service (BaaS), “increasing merchants accepting cryptocurrency” and the growing implementation of blockchain in financial institutions.

The company points out in a blog post, since one of the main driving factors for Blockchain technology will be influenced by increasing merchants accepting cryptocurrency, then investing in Blockchain Domains that can accept numerous cryptocurrency is a sure win.

Their niche will be in developing Blockchain Domains claimed on Zilliqa from Unstoppable Domains, in disruptive hot industries by replacing cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable top keywords for use in marketing and promotions.

Additionally, the Blockchain media agency will provide an ownership Certificate and percentage confirmation to all private investors for their specific Blockchain Domain. Citing there will be no more than one 50% owner private investor or company for each Blockchain Domain.

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