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Accept up to 60 Top Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin with hot search intent keywords. Payment processing is about to evolve! Blockchain Domains on Ethereum and Zilliqa will transform marketing campaigns and advertising forever. Blockchain Websites for Web 3.0 are the future! 

How Is This Similar To Real Estate Investing? 

Blockchain Domains are similar to Real assets (real estate, precious metals, commodities, land, equipment, and natural resources) because they are deemed valuable crypto digital assets. 

Investing in Blockchain Domains is similar to buying, selling, renting, leasing, or applying promotional use of a property or commercial building for a purpose. 

Blockchain Domains Investment Network Opportunities  

Uply Media, Inc operates as the agency private key wallet representative and holder of Blockchain Domains in our digital portfolio of hot search intent keywords highly sought after. 

Uply Media, Inc provides an ownership Certificate and percentage confirmation to all private investors in their specific Blockchain Domain. (There will be no more than one primary 50% owner private investor or company for each Blockchain Domain). 

Our Expertise

Uply Media, Inc is positioning ourselves as the leading Blockchain Technology Fintech Media Agency.


Design and develop niche Websites on Blockchain Domains that sit on top of smart contracts, an innovative solution allowing crypto payments for sending and receiving.


New Blockchain development projects for disruptive hot industries by replacing cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable search intent keywords to accept crypto payments and for digital marketing promotions.  


See available Blockchain Domains on Ethereum and Zilliqa available for rent, lease, or sale. 

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The World Of Digital Gold Invention!

 Blockchain market will reach $28 Billion by 2025.*Meticulous Research

A Blockchain Domain can be developed as a Censorship-resistant Website, creating access to content for a truly Free and Open new Internet for the next generation around the world.

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Digital Assets Marketplace

Top digital assets blockchain domains for rent, lease, or buy! Introducing “DWeb” for new websites built on Blockchain Domains that sit on top of smart contracts. Blockchain Domains on Ethereum and Zilliqa featuring highly sought after top searched and ranked intent keywords for payment processing designed for use in marketing, advertising, and promotional campaigns to send and receive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to replace long cryptocurrency addresses.