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Building Blockchain Websites NFTs developed from Blockchain Domains NFTs that sit on top of smart contracts to power Web 3.0 decentralized Internet and Metaverse virtual worlds.

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DigitalArt.Crypto, a decentralized NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) platform marketplace created by Uply Media, Inc is live! DigitalArt.Crypto NFT L2 Token available on layer 2 Polygon.

This is the world’s first Blockchain Website NFT collectibles platform marketplace that is truly decentralized and runs on the acclaimed Ethereum Blockchain extension. Mint NFTs on Polygon gas saving tokens. 


BlockchainValley.Crypto Token (BVCT)

Swap BlockchainValley.Crypto Token (Desktop or Laptop) is available on layer 2 Polygon.

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DigitalArt.Crypto NFT L2 Token (DANL)

Swap DigitalArt.Crypto NFT L2 Token (Desktop or Laptop) is available on layer 2 Polygon.


SportsBets.Crypto Token (SBCT)

Swap SportsBets.Crypto Token (Desktop or Laptop) is available on layer 2 Polygon.

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