ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Feb. 27, 2020 – PRLog — Placing bets on sports is predicted to reach $8 billion dollars in revenue by 2025, Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency will play a major role. SportsBets.Crypto is now live on the Ethereum Blockchain, today announced a Crowdsale to complete development for full sports betting functionality.

SportsBets.Crypto Fan Access – Ticker SBCSF for 1 ETH fans will receive 20 Tokens to gain access to the ecosystem. Starting with 5558.8/ 1.500.000 Number of ETH Supply 111160 for a total of $1.25M. After funding goals are reached it is anticipated to take only 60 days to finalize

Attractive to supporters is also the immense ability of tokens from a Crowdsale to be bought and sold on the open market later. In this case, 1 ETH buys as many as 20 Tokens that can gain their own market value independently of SportsBets.Crypto outside of access usage. Making this a win-win for early adopters. As the success of SportsBets.Crypto grows the tokens have the potential to increase enormously in value to produce even greater profits later.

The future of sports betting is Blockchain technology and having the ability to accept Bitcoin and up to 60 top cryptocurrencies give this project an advantage in the marketplace. With more cryptocurrencies payment options to be added in the future.