(Alpharetta, Georgia) A brand is often known as an industry leader by their influence control over a topic in search results. Which is also the reason why search engines and social media companies create their own algorithms to produce beneficial incentives for search return results. Top search keywords play a major role in finding products, goods, and services for online, as well as inside social media platforms. Resulting in search dominance for hashtags and influencers on social media networks. Drawing conclusions that search among keywords is a leading factor to drive marketplace trends and demands for the next generation of Blockchain technology.

Are Blockchain domains for hot search keywords, the future of 4.0 next-generation technology? Uply Media, Inc., today announced strategies for building an empire targeting top search keywords for Blockchain domains to accept all the most widely used cryptocurrency payments. Making accepting crypto payments as simple as using top keywords, allowing brands to build influential credibility from digital assets.


According to Kyle Ransom, Cofounder and CEO of Uply Media, Inc. more retailers must start to follow suit when it comes to accepting crypto payments and the time is now. Ransom says to be competitive brands and retailers will need to stand out in the crowd and having the ability to accept a wide variety of crypto payments through promotional use of “human-readable top industry keywords” at checkout online or offline is the ultimate marketing strategy.

As retailers become more open to accepting crypto payments, with even, an rival becoming the first major retail company to introduce accepting Bitcoin “BTC” for payment options. Search keywords will allow Blockchain domains to become a new asset class and create digital real estate for brand recognition among leading industries.

Ransom reveals that Uply Media, Inc pre-ordered a diverse portfolio of Blockchain domains from Unstoppable Domains on Zilliqa mainnetto. Which allows the implementation of secure cryptographic payments globally, by accepting varies cryptocurrency with human-readable top industry keywords. These Blockchain domains will go officially live in June of 2019, this summer.

For example, Ransom says they also pre-ordered the Blockchain domain $InsuranceQuotes.Zil, which can be used at checkout and in promotional campaigns to accept crypto payments for various insurance-related products and services. This would allow an insurance-related brand or company to lease or rent Blockchain domain names from Uply Media, Inc containing human-readable top marketing keywords in leading industries.

Uply Media, Inc has expertise in building digital assets and online platforms. Prior to not renewing their application developer licenses this year in early 2019, in the past have developed and published a total of 107 chart ranking apps that were approved by Apple’s App Store. Also ranked at one time in the Top 5% for Most Apps and Top 10% for Most Download Installs in Google Play Store. Capturing millions of downloads and installs worldwide in over 155 different countries.

Ransom stresses that Blockchain domains controlled by Uply Media, Inc will be developed into valuable digital assets in two phases. With the first phase launching in June 2019 for payment processing and second phase focusing on censorship-resistant websites in Fall of 2019. With browser support following in Winter of 2019, requiring a browser extension initially and development is in the works for viewing sites integrated with browsers natively. The Blockchain domains will be sold, leased, or rented and utilized for promotions to top brands and companies.

As search heats up for crypto among  Blockchain technology competitors and Bitcoin continues to lead the Top 100 Cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, early adopters are on track to become big winners by embracing change first through alternative solutions not offered in the marketplace yet for payment processing.

Uply Media, Inc is currently accepting private investment partners for Blockchain technology expansion and development projects. For more information please contact Uply Media, Inc at (404) 806-0548 or email