Blockchain Domains Investing Book by Kyle Ransom

(Alpharetta, Georgia) This super informative book is a 45-minute short read, packed inside with details revealing how Blockchain Domains are making the connection for where Bitcoin transformed decentralized digital currency into the future of money.

By third generations, 90% of families are losing their wealth. Uply Media, Inc today announced the publishing release debut of “Blockchain Domains Investing Secrets: Tap Into Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Crypto-Assets New Internet and Digital Asset Class, Marketplace Worth Trillions,” now available on Amazon Kindle and in Paperback on Amazon for Prime free delivery to make immediate purchases.

Author Kyle Ransom is a U.S. Navy War Veteran and CEO of Uply Media, Inc a Blockchain Technology Media Agency, has been a true believer and supporter in Blockchain technology for over 5 years. Ransom was strongly in support of Bitcoin early on and supports investing in decentralized digital cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Domains Investing Book by Kyle Ransom

“I believe that Blockchain Domains can serve institutions, government, consumer, and enterprise purposes, making them a primary necessity among crypto-assets,” stated Kyle Ransom.

Ransom relates that he further believes Blockchain Domains offers sensible “decentralized digital currency” options for unbanked consumers globally, to receive and send payments. While also providing branding and marketing promotional channels for businesses and corporations.

Which success he feels depends on the relevance of a supporting extension for the Blockchain Domain, where Ransom says a Dot Zil will be the ultimate example to achieve success.

Revealing, building websites on Blockchain Domains that sit on top of a smart contract on Zilliqa’s extension, will disrupt the Internet. He explains that Zilliqa offers a decentralized cryptocurrency capacity to handle VISA level number of transactions because of Sharding, by dividing the mining network into smaller pieces, or shards, for processing transactions in parallel.

Blockchain Domains offer only a minimum investment to buy, where premium names are sold around $250 to $1k and auctions can go for as much as $10k.

“Blockchain Domains are valuable just like real estate, the only difference is they are crypto-assets that are similar to digital real estate assets,” related Ransom.

However, Ransom cautions that most individuals and businesses don’t know how to select Blockchain Domains that have the potential to be profitable and valuable in the marketplace. Asserting they will also need to understand how to develop their Blockchain Domains to increase value and equity for profitability.

Ransom’s new book is a training guide for how to select superior Blockchain Domains for investing in crypto-assets. This opportunity is very much on the ground level for Dot Zil and the Blockchain Domains are set to go live in July of 2019.

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