(Alpharetta, Georgia) The Woolever Restivo Team holds 50% percent ownership in Tequilas.zil, Ibitcoincash.zil, and Lagunabeachca.zil new Blockchain Domains coming soon.

Development projects for Blockchain Domains offer growing non-securities investment opportunities. Uply Media, Inc today announced the addition of Neil Woolever and Tina Restivo as Pioneer Level to their Blockchain Domains Investing Network.


Pioneer Level status will also allow the team to grow their group by invitation only selection. Which is already expanding and accepting enrollment applications for review.

According to Meticulous Research, the global blockchain market is projected to reach USD 28.24 Billion by 2025. Revealing, the market is expected to be driven by the increasing adoption of Backend as a Service (BaaS), “increasing merchants accepting cryptocurrency” and the growing implementation of blockchain in financial institutions.

“For example a tequila brand, hotel, bar, or restaurant, etc. could lease Tequilas.zil to accept different cryptocurrency payments,” states Kyle Ransom, CEO of Uply Media, Inc.

Tequilas.Zil Blockchain Domain Uply Media, Inc

Tequila market value is at $4.66 billion U.S. dollars and will reach $6.36 billion dollars by the end of 2025.

Their approach is to enhance brand strategy by developing and identifying the best Blockchain Domains that merchants can use for attracting target audiences with top keywords when accepting various cryptocurrency payments. Presenting a solution to increase brand awareness and marketing promotions through payment processing flexibility.


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