Blockchain Domains Investing Network

Welcome to Uply Media, Inc’s Blockchain Domains Investing Network!

A Blockchain Domain is a valuable new digital Asset Class that will lead the way for a more FREE and Open Internet around the entire world for the future.

This is like getting in early on the New Internet!

Right now is a golden time to seize this opportunity for investing in a censorship-resistant website on a Blockchain domain, which also holds the power to process global payments for cryptocurrency marketplaces to send and receive Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

1. Ownership in a Blockchain Domain can be valuable upon immediate purchase.

A Blockchain domain is a new asset class that sits on top of a smart contract such as Ethereum’s platform or Zilliqa.

Unlike tradition domain names, Blockchain domains have an enterprise and consumer use, making this domain an invaluable asset class for private key wallet ownership.

Traditional domain names investing which took place during the 1990s and early 2000s was like a Wild West of new digital real estate.

Where the demand for premium domain names skyrocketed from new websites constantly being created and domain names often flipped and sold. No business could survive without going online and still today, businesses need an online presence for sustainability.

A popular domain investing trend occurred known as Cybersquatting.

Cybersquatting is defined by the United States federal law known as the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act, is registering, trafficking in, or using an Internet domain name with bad faith intent to profit from the goodwill of a trademark belonging to someone else.

Which the Anticybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (ACPA) authorizes a trademark owner to sue an alleged cybersquatter in federal court and obtain a court order transferring the domain name back to the trademark owner.

2. Blockchain Domains operate very differently than traditional domain names.

Blockchain technology for domain names operates much differently than traditional domains, where traditional domain names are regulated by ICANN and the registrar operates as holder over the domain asset. A traditional domain name registrar is known as companies like GoDaddy or Google Domains.

In such instance, ICANN is the international regulatory body over traditional domain names and must approve applications for any new domain extensions. Which companies must get permission to launch a new extension by submitting an application to ICANN with a fee for their request. The extension is created as part of the right to use a dot for .com or .info, existence.

3. Blockchain Domains can be developed as a technology for valuable digital assets.

Welcome to the world of digital gold invention!

Where Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are based on Blockchain technology.

Meticulous Research has stated that the size of the global Blockchain market will reach $28 Billion by 2025.

Selecting a valuable Blockchain Domain name that has a proven track record of dot com value, keywords search value, and marketplace use is essential for the success of creating a valuable digital asset.

As well as knowing how to select a Blockchain Domain for a niche that can be developed into a profitable digital asset class. This is where Uply Media, Inc is positioning ourselves as the leading Blockchain Technology Fintech Media Agency.

Which can be similarly compared to a traditional domain name and holds the record for most expensive domain name ever sold at $872 Million, verified from SEC Filings for the parent company, Gannet Co., Inc.

Traditional domain names as an asset class worth between $20 billion to $100 billion.

Dot Eth, the first blockchain naming service achieved the following sales:

260K+ registrations, $33M in ETH used to register domains in 1st year $3.5M locked up for most valuable .eth domain names.

Blockchain Domains technology offers a secure solution for global payment processing to accept cryptographic payments.

When the Internet was first invented, this option wasn’t available because payment processing was never a core essential in design development at that time.

Cryptocurrencies use decentralized control as opposed to centralized digital currency and central banking systems. It is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units, and verify the transfer of assets.

Blockchain Domains can accept secure cryptographic payments for various top cryptocurrencies. Which will include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zilliqa, with more options!

Blockchain was invented by a person (or group of people) using the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008 to serve as the public transaction ledger of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is unknown.

The timing is now, Blockchain Domains related to numerous disruptive hot industries will replace cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable top marketing keywords to control influential brandable recognition and dominance.

A Blockchain Domain can be developed as a censorship-resistant website, creating access to content for a truly free and open new Internet for the next generation around the world.

Why Partner With Uply Media, Inc’s Blockchain Domains Investing Network?

  • Uply Media, Inc is a leading Blockchain Technology Fintech Media Agency.

Creating new Blockchain development projects for disruptive hot industries by replacing cryptocurrency addresses with human-readable top keywords to accept crypto payments and for digital marketing promotions.

  • Uply Media, Inc will partner with other companies interested in renting, leasing, and applying promotional use of Blockchain domain names featuring human-readable top marketing keywords.

Similar to renting, leasing, or applying promotional use of a commercial building for a purpose. The only difference is this would be a Blockchain Domain that accepts crypto payments and use for digital marketing promotions.

  • Uply Media, Inc will invent and develop censorship-resistant websites on Blockchain domains in the best profitable niches to advance a free and open new Internet globally.
  • Uply Media, Inc will purchase Blockchain Domains from Unstoppable Domains and is identified as a pioneer Poweruser of the ecosystem. Uply Media, Inc oversees one of the most valuable portfolios of Cryptocurrency Domains and Blockchain Websites. All Blockchain Domains are good for Lifetime ownership, allowing ownership rights to be transferred or passed on from generation to generation.

Unstoppable Domains is the service provider of Blockchain Domains. Unstoppable Domains Inc. headquarters are in Las Vegas, Nevada. The address is 8465 W Sahara Ave Ste 111 Unit #1017 Las Vegas, NV 89117.

The Blockchain Domains run on the Ethereum and Zilliqa mainnet. Based in Singapore the Dot Zil is a new blockchain domain service that is backed by the Zilliqa Foundation.

Launched in 2015, Ethereum is the world’s leading programmable blockchain.

Like other blockchains, Ethereum has a native cryptocurrency called Ether (ETH). ETH is digital money. If you’ve heard of Bitcoin, ETH has many of the same features. It is purely digital and can be sent to anyone anywhere in the world instantly. The supply of ETH isn’t controlled by any government or company – it is decentralized, and it is scarce. People all over the world use ETH to make payments, as a store of value, or as collateral.

Ethereum is the foundation for a new era of the internet:

  • An internet where money and payments are built-in.
  • An internet where users can own their data and your apps don’t spy and steal from you.
  • An internet where everyone has access to an open financial system.
  • An internet built on neutral, open-access infrastructure, controlled by no company or person.

The Zilliqa “Dot Zil” is a third-generation blockchain smart contract platform focused on scaling through sharding. Producing a blockchain live implementation of sharding. Due to sharding, Zilliqa is very scalable.

  • Uply Media, Inc will operate like the private key wallet representative and holder of the Blockchain Domains.
  • Uply Media, Inc will provide an ownership Certificate and percentage confirmation to all investors in their specific Blockchain Domain. (There will be no more than one Investor or company for each Blockchain Domain).
  • Uply Media, Inc will maintain all Blockchain Domains technology and inventions.

From 2014-2018, Uply Media, Inc designed, developed, and created a total of 159 apps under our own publisher license of “Uply Media, Inc” for a total of 159 applications, including 107 for Apple’s iOS apps and 52 for Google’s Andriod apps. Capturing a total of over 1 Million app downloads for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Andriod available in over 155 countries. Ranked in the Top 5% for Most Apps and Top 10% for Most Download installs in Google Play Store. In early 2019, Uply Media, Inc closed our Application publishing licenses with both Apple and Google, to focus on Blockchain technology extensively.

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Potential Investment for Blockchain Domains Investing Network ranges starting at 15k and up for 50% ownership in Blockchain Domains projects.

Investment returns include Blockchain Domain digital asset value, any monthly renting, leasing, and applying promotional use of Blockchain Domain percentage payouts and resell value percentage payouts.


Phase One: Launching June 2019 

Cryptocurrency Payment Processing Development. 

Phase Two: Launching in Fall 2019 

Censorship-Resistant Website Development. 

Phase Three: Launching in Winter 2020 

Browser Extension Browser extension support. 

Requires a browser extension and development to integrate browsers natively are in the works.

Investment holding time is 2 years, at any time within 15 days, the Investor can transfer ownership stake which must be submitted in writing.

Disclaimer: Disclosure interests, under no circumstances, should any material on our site be used or considered as an offer to sell or a solicitation of any offer to buy an interest in any securities or investment fund.