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FisherIslandFL.Zil is a Blockchain Domain on Zilliqa’s extension. This is the only platform that can accept and receive a variety of different options for cryptocurrencies.

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FisherIslandFL.Zil has already been claimed on Zilliqa and this Blockchain Domain is set to go live on the block during September of 2019.

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Blockchain Domain Digital Luxury Real Estate

FisherIsland.Zil Blockchain Doman Uply Media Inc

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Dana Albert “D. A.” Dorsey is believed to be Miami’s first Black millionaire!

Mr. Dorsey made land investments and at one time he owned “21 acres” of what is now Fisher Island near Miami Beach!!

“Yes, Miami’s first Black millionaire once owned Fisher Island known today as Miami’s most expensive zip code in Florida!” 

He was a businessman, banker, and philanthropist.

Mr. Dorsey was born in Quitman, Georgia in 1872…He was also the son of former slaves and the first child in his family not be born into slavery.

With only a fourth-grade formal education he taught himself after that.

Mr. Dorsey arrived in the Miami area of South Florida around 1896. Working as a carpenter for the Henry Flagler Florida East Coast Railroad.

He died in 1940, making many great accomplishments in his lifetime.

Where Mr. Dorsey found his passion was to provide housing for black workers. He purchased one parcel of land in Overtown with a purpose to design and construct one rental house per parcel. He reinvested this rental income to build more and rent more, eventually expanding as far north as Fort Lauderdale.

By 1917, Mr. Dorsey and his wife Rebecca sold land to the City of Miami for a park dedicated to African–Americans (during an era of segregation).

The “Dorsey Park” is located on Northwest 17th Street and First Avenue.

The first black-owned hotel in Miami was “Dorsey Hotel,” owned by Mr. Dorsey and he was also the owner of the Negro Savings Bank.

As a firm believer in education, Mr. Dorsey donated a large quantity of land for black schools.

Flags were lowered to half-staff all over Miami when Mr. Dorsey died in 1940.

Miami’s African American cemetery during segregation was “Lincoln Memorial Park” and is Mr. Dorsey’s final resting place on earth.

Mr. Dorsey donated to Dade County Public Schools property at NW 71st Street and 17th Avenue on which Dorsey High School (today is known as the D. A. Dorsey Educational Center) was later built.

The D. A. Dorsey Educational Center has a rich and positive tradition in the Liberty City area of Miami as a fully operational adult education center.

In 1919, pioneer Carl G. Fisher, who was developing Miami Beach. Mr. Dorsey sold the barrier island of Fisher Island just east of the mainland to the automotive to Carl G. Fisher, the pioneer of Miami Beach.

Fisher Island improvements would transform into one of the wealthiest and most exclusive residential enclaves in the United States from a trade deal.

In 1926, Carl G. Fisher traded 7 acres of Fisher Island to William Kissam Vanderbilt II in return for a 200-foot (61 m) yacht.

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