Top Blockchain Websites Best Niches For 2020 main Uply Media inc

Blockchain Websites for Web 3.0 are the future! 

A Blockchain Website is created from a Blockchain Domain, which is a new asset class that sits on top of a smart contract, such as Dot Crypto on the Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem.

Very similar to Real assets like real estate, precious metals, commodities, land, equipment, and natural resources, Blockchain Domains are “valuable” as crypto digital assets.

Investing in Blockchain Domains by building Blockchain Websites is similar to buying, selling, renting, leasing, or applying promotional use of a property or commercial building for a purpose.

A Blockchain Domain has an “enterprise and consumer use” ideal for turning passive income into a mega cash flow system super fast.

Best Blockchain Website Niche Of The Year For 2020 is Innovation!


1. Innovation 

2. Crypto Locations
3. Crypto Exchanges
4. DWeb Messaging
5. Car Sales Marketing
6. Industry Crypto Coins
7. Blockchain Healthcare
8. Decentralized Banking and Financing
9. Sharing Economy Ecosystem
10. Blockchain Crowdfunding
11. Music Streams
12. Video Streams
13. Movie Studios
14. Blockchain Insurance Transparency
15. Decentralized Hedge Funds
16. Decentralized Libraries
17. Car Leasing Transactions
18. Decentralized News and Media
19. Blockchain Identification
20. Decentralized Supply Chain
21. DWeb Loyalty Rewards
22. Decentralized Public Services
23. Sports Bets
24. Stock Market Trading
25. DWeb Search Browser
26. Blockchain Voting
27. Decentralized Charitable Donations
28. Digital Currency Adaptation
29. Decentralized Mortgage Transactions
30. DWeb Air Travel
31. Real Estate Exchanges
32. Decentralized Marketing and Advertising
33. Online Education Learning
34. Decentralized Pharma Data
35. Professional Integrity
36. Decentralized Food Trucks
37. Blockchain Weapons Tracking
38. Decentralized Energy
39. IOT Mesh Networking
40. Legal Documents Verifiable
41. Blockchain Background Checks
42. Decentralized Cloud Storage
43. Blockchain Security Data
44. Public Transportation Ledger
45. Decentralized Cannabis Transactions
46. Decentralized Publishing
47. Cloud Computing Stack
48. Decentralized Forecasting
49. DWeb Retail
50. Business Credit Reports
51. Decentralized Manufacturing
52. Blockchain Waste Management

The new way to flip real estate will be done as digital crypto assets.

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