Are you a real estate investor worried about a recession?

It’s not about “if the real estate market is headed for a crash” but when at this point.

Brace yourself because the real estate market crash is going to be really bad.

The recession is even headed into a massive depression.

“I’ve been there, the 2008 real estate market crash totally took me out!”

The financial crisis of 2008 created the Great Recession and caused the worst recession since the Great Depression.

We could identify what caused the financial crisis of 2008, it was a result of hedge funds, banks, and insurance companies focus area of subprime mortgages known as mortgage-backed securities.

Fast forward to right now, we are living under a global pandemic crisis. Deeply impacted by social distancing and ordered to stay home!

This means as a real estate investor, you need to diversify how you generate income.

One perfect way to do this is to start building wealth flipping Blockchain Websites on .Crypto extensions on Ethereum just like houses.

Right now real estate investors can use Blockchain DWeb 3.0 to cash-flow and recession-proof their passive income business model.

The Blockchain Websites Flipping System created by Uply Media, Inc is an easy complete step-by-step online training video module instructions that can be done from anywhere in the world.

Blockchain Domains are valuable digital Real assets, exactly like how holding real estate is a valuable asset.

When you invest in Blockchain Domains and develop them into Blockchain Websites it’s similar to buying, selling, renting, leasing, or applying promotional use of a property or commercial building for a purpose.

Blockchain Websites Flipping is a digital twin to real estate investing.

Similar to real estate, Blockchain Domains also can appreciate by increasing in value tremendously over time and through the economic impact of inflation able to sustain recession or global pandemic.

The .Crypto extension on Ethereum is compared to owning prime real estate based on location, location, location.

A lot like raw land the Blockchain Domain is undeveloped digital land where a Blockchain Website can be built on it.

How it works is that a Blockchain Website is created from a Blockchain Domain, which is a new asset class that sits on top of a smart contract, such as .Crypto extensions on the Ethereum Blockchain ecosystem.

A Blockchain Website can be flipped, sold, rented, leased, and more. Where brands and companies still need advertising and marketing opportunities, even in a recession.

Considered a social distancing lock-in solution to flip real estate, done as digital crypto assets.

The Blockchain Websites Flipping System trains real estate investors on how to buy Blockchain Domains as .Crypto at low costs and build Blockchain Websites on Ethereum worth premium value.  

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