Non-fungible tokens also referred to as NFTs are all the hype when it comes to investments. There are a few strategies that can create a serious return when investing in this new asset class. One thing is for certain the non-fungible token is evolving and requires a forward-thinking knowledge base to keep up.

As the NFT marketplace is deemed to be headed for a bubble burst. Smart investments strategies must be focused on the Blockchain technology of the NFT project.

What is a Non-fungible Token or NFT?

They are a very unique and non-interchangeable data source stored on a digital ledger. Having the superpowers to be used to represent real-world items that can be reproduced such as art, videos, audio, photos, or any digital files. Blockchain technology is what powers these non-fungible tokens and NFTs through peer-to-peer verification and public proof of ownership.

Three best non-fungible tokens investments strategies:


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  1. Blockchain Websites NFTs

A Blockchain Website NFT is a decentralized website that is created from a Blockchain Domain NFT. Where the domain name is not hosted on a centralized web server, instead is hosted on a decentralized network.

For example on December 19th, 2019, Uply Media, Inc minted DigitalCurrency.Crypto on the Ethereum Blockchain network. The Blockchain Domain NFT was developed into a Blockchain Website NFT accessible on Ethereum through a decentralized browser. Currently, DigitalCurrency.Crypto is under development and is being converted into a decentralized wallet. The beauty of developing a Blockchain Domain NFT into a Blockchain Website NFT is that it also has payment processing authority. DigitalCurrency.Crypto can accept over 70 top cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, and many more.

Blockchain Websites NFTs transform the next generation of the Internet. Which is the biggest transformation since the first workable prototype of the Internet came in the late 1960s.

Blockchain Websites NFTs prominent key features include:

  • Smart Contracts
  • Accepting Variety Cryptocurrency Payments
  • Decentralized Ecosystem
  • ERC 721, NFTS (Non-Fungible Tokens)

Blockchain websites are on track to disrupt the Internet origin and are making way for developing new virtual economies.

2. Blockchain Domains NFTs

A Blockchain Domain NFT operates as a decentralized domain name and is unlike a traditional domain name because it is hosted on a decentralized network as opposed to a centralized network.

The race is on to determine which Blockchain Domain NFT will be considered top-level in value and net worth. Currently, Dot Crypto is leading when it comes to Blockchain technology development. It’s all about niche keywords for determining the most value of a Blockchain Domain NFT. This is a practice that was adopted from the traditional Internet and hasn’t changed much. Where the value of a Blockchain Domain NFT is still closely linked to use cases for the niche keywords. The more valuable the niche keyword is for searches for use in marketing and advertising makes the Blockchain Domain NFT that more valuable.

Take for example again the keywords Digital Currency. Blockchain Domain NFT extensions for the niche keywords are very valuable.

DigitalCurrency.X a new Blockchain Domain NFT extension is being offered for 100k.

While Uply Media, Inc doesn’t own DigitalCurrency.X, the company does own both the dot Crypto on Ethereum Blockchain and dot Zil on Zilliqa Blockchain.

3. Digital Collectibles NFTs

Digital collectibles NFTs are digital assets for ownership of a unique virtual item. The most interest among NFTs is for digital collectibles. Where the most expensive purchase of an NFT was Beeple that sold at a Christie’s auction for a record $69 million.

This sector is evolving tremendously when it comes to investing among digital collectibles NFTs.

A growing trend will be for digital collectibles NFTs for Blockchain Domains NFTs as niche keywords by location.

Such as Miami Beach, a similarly very popular location can be considered also a digital collectible NFT. An example would be MiamiBeach.Crypto on Ethereum Blockchain. This is a digital collectible NFT where the niche keyword by location is represented through ownership of a very unique and non-interchangeable data source stored on a digital ledger.

The key points to take away can be that Blockchain Websites, Blockchain Domains, and Digital Collectibles are all use cases for non-fungible tokens known also as NFTs. When it comes to investment strategies it’s all about research and more research. All good Blockchain projects will have a whitepaper to conduct research, just as Bitcoin also had a whitepaper. Before investing it would be a good idea to focus on Blockchain technology and use cases for the concept of the idea.

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