Twitter Crypto Uply Media Inc

Twitter Crypto is a golden deal for the next-generation Internet and Blockchain ecosystem to thrive. Now that the company has decided to add an entire cryptocurrency team, we are excited and feel this move can advance the entire Blockchain ecosystem.

Twitter was quick to embrace Bitcoin early on as co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey and also the founder and CEO of Square, has always been a believer in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Twitter even allows users to tip other users with Bitcoin. Recently, Twitter also started allowing their users to verify ownership of NFTs non-fungible tokens and allow posting of NFTs as profile pictures.

There has been little emphasis on why companies and brands need to create more decentralized applications. Everyone is excited about trading cryptocurrencies and owning NFTs (nonfungible tokens). Enjoying great financial returns on investments.

Yet decentralized applications haven’t received the same level of enthusiasm. This could also be because Blockchain technology development requires more complicated skill sets.

However, now that the new Twitter Crypto team will explore decentralized apps we can expect to see major changes and more technology built for the Internet running on Blockchain technology which is decentralized.

Uply Media, Inc has been strongly focused on building decentralized applications, through developing Blockchain Websites NFTs.

Twitter Crypto will offer solutions to help creators on the app to earn money or accept cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin for payment, and other ways to use blockchain technology.

The software engineer Tess Rinearson, a new hire will be in charge of Twitter Crypto and report to Twitter’s chief technology officer. Also, their team is looking to fill new roles. Twitter revealed that the new team will “set the strategy for the future of crypto at (and on) Twitter.”

Here are some examples of decentralized applications that were developed by Uply Media, Inc running on Ethereum’s Blockchain.

SportsBets.Crypto developed by Uply Media, Inc is a decentralized application on Ethereum’s Blockchain planned as a trust platform solution for sports betting. Through the permanent record of a verifiable and unchangeable transaction ledger.

Another innovation by Uply Media, Inc and the world’s first DWeb is also MortgageCalculators.Crypto on Ethereum’s Blockchain. This DApp, decentralized application functions as a mortgage calculator and sits on top of a smart contract. Allowing for many future scalability functionality features.

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