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Welcome to our first series of “Blockchain Domain Cash Flow” development projects. This is where we talk about all of Uply Media, Inc’s new crypto-assets available or launching soon.

If you haven’t already done so, to see our latest Blockchain Domain developments please go check out our digital assets marketplace!

Everyone is getting super excited about Zilliqa’s extension going live on the block!

Zilliqa is a contract-enabled platform for payment processing and dApps focused on speed, security, and scalability. Allowing Blockchain Domain developments to handle Visa level transactions through sharding. Where Ziilliqa’s Blockchain technology is a third-generation platform.

As a Blockchain Media Technology Agency, Uply Media, Inc is creating Blockchain Domain development ecosystems that will make payment processing part of marketing campaigns. Replacing long cryptocurrency addresses with “top industry keywords” to accept cryptocurrencies.

Which is why our Cash Flow strategy also positions us in the marketplace. Uply Media, Inc will design Blockchain Domain developments targeting niche top industry keywords.

BestCoffee.Zil is available for rent or lease is going live on Ziilliqa starting September 15th, 2019!

Why Best Coffee??


According to “Keyword Planner” by Google Ads “Best Coffee” is searched 100k to 1 Million times per month.

Consumers prefer to search for the keywords “Best Coffee” over brand names or coffee shops!!

When customers are shopping for coffee the term “Best Coffee” comes to mind and not a coffee brand.

To have an advantage in the marketplace businesses must use marketing strategies to attract and engage target audiences.

BestCoffee.Zil is ideal to use in marketing campaigns for accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because the keywords “Best Coffee” have low competition and high search traffic volume.

Accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies


Instead of using long Cryptocurrency addresses, a coffee brand or coffee shop or retailers can accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies sent to $BestCoffee.Zil!

Which offers the perfect marketing campaign payment processing options, by allowing customers to purchase coffee in cryptocurrency!

Including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zilliqa, and more options constantly added.

Rent $BestCoffee.Zil by the month to use in marketing campaigns to accept cryptocurrency payments!!

This will be an exclusive offer and helps to market your business as the “Best Coffee” brand, retailer, or shop on the planet!

For more information contact us at:

(404) 806-0548