Blockchain Domains Secret Formula For Picking Names Worth Millions Uply Media Inc

“Is there a secret formula for picking names for Blockchain Domains that could potentially be worth millions?”

Good news, the answer to that question is “Yes!”


When it comes to selecting and representation of a name, William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, explains it best.

Where Juliet makes the argument that it does not matter to her, that Romeo is from her family’s rival house of Montague.

Explaining that while he is named “Montague” the names of things do not affect what they really are in her eyes.

She compares Romeo to simply a “rose” by saying that if he were not named “Romeo” he would still be handsome and be her love.

The problem was that if he was not named Romeo, then he would not be a Montague and she would be able to get married with no problem at all.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” – William Shakespeare.

So, if we convert this example for what a name represents today in modern times.

“Keywords” by Search would best represent the significance for a Blockchain Domain by name and expression right now.

A brand’s name is not necessarily a representation of its niche expertise.

The “specific keywords” utilized to search for a brand is how consumers identify loyalty and love for the brand.

Keywords by the search are similar to Juliet’s love related to being a sweet-smelling rose and a brand’s name.

The ideal formula for picking Blockchain Domains that have the potential to be very valuable would be to select names for top searched keywords.

Where building websites on Blockchain Domains is the future of the NEW Internet for Web 3.0 and beyond.

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When it comes to developing a Blockchain Domains formula for picking valuable names, you need two things:

First, a “revenue model” for how you will make money from developing and owning a Blockchain Domain.

This means you need to understand how to brand and develop your Blockchain Domain to be profitable and sustainable.

Second, conduct extensive “market research” to establish a need and demand for your Blockchain Domain subject matter.

That’s the most important part of the formula for picking Million dollar names!

It’s all about research theory and how you formulate a theory to guide research.

“If people are searching for subject matter related to your Blockchain Domain, you have a marketplace to profit from!”

No search = no marketplace!

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What if there was also a simple “Dotcom evaluation” to evaluate the potential value of a Blockchain Domain??

“There is a quick solution!”

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Still, keep in mind all Blockchain Domains are different than traditional domain names.

Good luck!

P.s. We hope you make billions!!