Wow, who knew in February of 2017 traveling 200 feet underground and 100 years back in time, would take us to a mystery dating to over 500 million years ago! 

“Sounds a little confusing?” 

Well, it might be at first.

However, this is how the historic inspiration was formed to create “JohnsCreek.zil” a Blockchain Domain ecosystem!

Developing an origin to produce digital Gold Bar levels. These 6 born crypto-asset tokens limited collection connects to Johns Creek, Georgia where an Ore deposit dates back over 500 million years.

I’m kinda super obsessed with visiting anything listed by National Register Of Historic Places, so imagine visiting “Consolidated Gold Mines” which is North Georgia’s only underground experience inside a real gold mine!

It was a super special treat for me when my wife surprised our daughter and me with a 40-minute underground adventure tour inside a real mine.

I learned stories of how “miners struggled to uncover gold” deep inside large quartz veins during the turn-of-the-century.

We even learned how-to professionally try our hand at panning for real gold!

Our daughter Charm panning for gold! 

Panning for gold at Consolidated Gold Mines.

After visiting inside the real gold mine, I was inspired to learn more and put my research team to work.

“Our first discovery was the Georgia Gold Belt map!”

Here we learned Johns Creek, Georgia has 66 nearby mining deposits. Which is also why many experts believe most of the gold in Johns Creek, Georgia hasn’t been discovered yet even today.

What’s more interesting, is there are “no zip codes assigned to Johns Creek” by the USPS because it does not recognize the city. While Johns Creek, Georgia is still considered a city in north Fulton County.  

Only other cities in various parts of Johns Creek are recognized by the USPS with zip codes. In 2017, USA TODAY acknowledged Johns Creek as third on the list of “50 best cities to live in.”

So residents who live in Johns Creek, Georgia are recognized by the government under zip codes of other cities.

“Is Johns Creek, Georgia hiding in plain sight on purpose?”

Learning more about the spirits of the Cherokee nation, which at the time was a confederacy of agrarian villages led by a chief.

In the early 19th century, Johns Creek was a trading post along the Chattahoochee River and was known as Cherokee territory.

“Johns Creek, Georgia is sacred land!”

Following the Georgia Gold Belt map, the Chattahoochee River and Lake Allatoona hold real gold and where people go panning.

The Ore deposit located in Johns Creek, Georgia dating to over 500 million years, contains a mineral deposit with high enough grades of metal to find real gold.

JohnsCreek.Zil Uply Media Inc

The Gold bars produced from the origin of JohnsCreek.Zil, Blockchain Domain ecosystem are not tangible in the real world. 

Where the domain was previously claimed on Zilliqa blockchain already and owning a crypto Gold Bar is deemed to bring good luck and enormous riches for a lifetime.

These NFTs are offered through an ERC-721, non-fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain.

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