Minted on December 19th, 2019, DigitalCurrency.Crypto is the ultimate Blockchain Domain NFT brand name. Appealing to bespoke digital enthusiasts offering a solution to bring a mega branding approach to Web 3.0 decentralized Internet and Metaverse virtual worlds. 

This dynamic combination of the most sought-after niche keywords in the Blockchain ecosystem highlights a Blockchain Domain NFT that represents Digital and Currency with Crypto as a superior brand element. 

DigitalCurrency.Crypto-Blockchain-Domain-NFT-87659-ETH-UPLY-MEDIA- Arena is now the new name of the former STAPLES Center from 1999 to 2021, a multi-purpose arena in Downtown Los Angeles. This is a 20-year naming rights agreement that renamed the AEG-owned and operated STAPLES Center, one of the most iconic and globally recognized sports and entertainment arenas in the world.

The Arena naming rights is a $700 million dollar deal under a 20-year contract. Proving that owning Blockchain Domain NFTs are the future of digital assets. 

Owning the Blockchain Domain NFT DigitalCurrency.Crypto offers many branding possibilities. Flexibility to operate as a CNS (Crypto Name Service) or UNS (Unstoppable Name Service) one-of-a-kind blockchain domain. Making this the ultimate Blockchain Domain NFT to resolve cryptocurrency addresses and decentralized websites. 

The Dot Crypto extension is on Ethereum’s Blockchain a decentralized based software platform for which the cryptocurrency called Ether was created. 

A unique feature of the Blockchain Domain NFT DigitalCurrency.Crypto is that it can also send and receive cryptocurrency payments. A solution to disrupt the payment processing industry. 

Currently, DigitalCurrency.Crypto is listed on OpenSea for 87,659 ETH. The demand for owning Crypto domains that can resolve cryptocurrency addresses and decentralized websites will be a valuable digital asset, especially in the future. This is like getting in early on the next generation and new Internet that will be transformed to decentralization!