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Yield Farming With Blockchain Domains NFTs Best APY

Enjoy Yield Farming?? Did you know that any Yield Farmer can also easily fix up and flip Blockchain Domains “NFTs” for massive APY (annual percentage yield) crazy insane profits?? By comparison, APY (Annual Percentage Yield) compared to APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is not distinct. APY (Annual Percentage Yield) represents an annual rate of return that…


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Yield Farming Uply Media Inc

Yield Farming Uply Media Inc

Enjoy Yield Farming?? Did you know that any Yield Farmer can also easily fix up and flip Blockchain Domains “NFTs” for massive APY (annual percentage yield) crazy insane profits??

By comparison, APY (Annual Percentage Yield) compared to APR (Annual Percentage Rate) is not distinct.

APY (Annual Percentage Yield) represents an annual rate of return that is charged on capital borrowers and later paid to the capital providers. Where there is a compounding of interest to help generate more returns for profitability.


“What exactly is a Yield Farmer and how do they make so much money??”

Stay tuned, I’m about to breakdown everything step-by-step and show you how to become the richest Yield Farmer by harvesting Blockchain Domains NFTs You can even work less, earn more, and with fewer risk factors!!

For traditional real estate developers, investors, and all Crypto traders it’s time to start diversifying your portfolio with digital real estate.

To those who are enjoying the benefits of Yield Farming, after learning my strategy and techniques you will certainly want to add Blockchain Domains NFTs to the list of things to start farming today.

If you already into cryptocurrencies or thinking about diving-in now is the perfect time to take this plunge. Unless you been living under a rock it’s impossible to have not heard about Yield Farming and how much revenue people are earning from it.

Yield Farmers are getting super-rich and the hot buzzword in Crypto, the strategy works like this…you put your Cryptocurrency to work for you (passive income) by temporarily loaning it out or purchasing NFTs digital collectibles (this is where the risk comes into play) to decentralized startup applications or purchasing digital assets and in exchange, you earn more Cryptocurrency by receiving tokens as rewards or appreciation in value for digital assets owned!

Hence, there is risk involved because loaning your crypto is always a risky situation. As well as purchasing NFTs digital collectibles in hopes they will increase in value.

The problem is most Yield Farmers are not vested in the ecosystem of decentralized applications and just want to earn fast revenue.

When you loan out your Cryptocurrency, you are essentially operating as the “Crypto Liquidity Provider” for the decentralized application. Same as if when you purchase NFTs, your support grows the ecosystem and you become a vested Crypto Liquidity Provider.

A Yield Farmer is a Crypto Liquidity Provider, where the marketplace is decentralized finance known as DeFi for liquidity mining.

If you take the case usages for successful Yield Farming projects, it would only make more perfect sense to include Blockchain Domains NFTs as collectibles for digital assets in your farming supply.

Mega popularity for Yield Farming only actually took off in the summer of June just in 2020. A game-changer occurred on June 15th, 2020 when Compound started distributing its governance Token known as “COMP” for $COMP to the protocol’s users.

What makes the method decentralized finance is when governance shall be granted in the form of Tokens to their users of a protocol. Which also effectively transforms the users into stakeholders at the same time. These magic Tokens (not really magical powers) allow users to hold governance rights over the Compound protocol, to the users of the network, and distributed pro-rata all according to how much they use the protocol.

A key factor is a Blockchain Domain already sits on top of a smart contract, as a decentralized application protocol.

“Why is DeFi so attractive?”

It allows you to buy without ever having to reveal the true identity as the purchaser if you elect to keep it confidential.

Just doing a little research online, you can see APY (annual percentage yield) for Yield Farming is reaping massive financial return benefits.

Thanks for sticking with me, now I’m going to let you in on Yield Farming techniques, that most people may not yet know about for using Blockchain Domains NFTs!

One of the biggest problems with Yield Farming is Wash Trading. It’s so bad that HOTDOGSWAP, once through its native Token plummeted from $4,000 to just $1 all in a five minutes span.

Take for example I’m also a professional trader with Apiary Fund and I do trade Forex myself directly and daily. I also trade Crypto daily and enjoy betting on fantasy sports.

Wash Trading traditionally means that an individual will put “Buy” and “Sell” orders in at the same time. This hurts the market because it creates an illusion of a fake demand. When in fact, there is no true relevant demand because the trade is being washed.

Unfortunately, this is what’s also happening with Yield Farming in Crypto.

Forex more easily combats Wash Trading, the most profitable Forex Traders seek to spot high probability trades for long term consistency. Get my super easy cheat sheet to advance your Forex profitability, Download Here.

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Yield Farming has a Wash Trading problem. I can easily spot it because I’m also a decentralized application developer. In the United States, Wash Trading is illegal and the IRS bars all taxpayers from deducting losses that result from wash trades in their taxable income.

In my opinion Blockchain Domains NFTs can also solve the problems of Wash Trading in Yield Farming.

“Following my formula technique will show you how to achieve top APY, for Yield Farming with Blockchain Domains NFTs as collectibles and digital assets.”

Here are my step-by-step action plan and a solid method for how to get started in Yield Farming with Blockchain Domains NFTs for sustainable APY (annual percentage yield).

Step 1

Start out by purchasing dot Crypto or dot Zil as Blockchain Domains already live on Blockchain (meaning someone else purchased them first, giving true appreciation value in the marketplace). This is considered the risk level factor for Yield Farming when it comes to farming Blockchain Domains NFTs.

The purpose is to buy Blockchain Domains that have value, such as Blockchain Domains that are keywords. Which should appreciate in value and over time. A Blockchain Domain has the potential to immediately increase in value upon going live on a Blockchain extension.

To date, “Sex.Crypto” is the most expensive Blockchain Domain NFT ever resold it went for 230 ETH, which was approximately $90,000 on the day this transaction took place.

That was an incredible steal by the way!

While the owner purchased the Blockchain Domain for less and flipped it for more.

Your risk is buying the Blockchain Domain. What makes Blockchain Domains as NFTs less risky for Yield Farming, is that they have the immense potential to increase in value over time or immediately because of demand.

You need to make sure the Blockchain Domain you select has a valuable enough demand to harvest and produce a generous revenue return to hold, flip, trade, rent out, resale, or sell off later.

The best marketplace to rate Blockchain Domains by ranking is OpenSea.

OpenSea is the first and largest peer-to-peer marketplace for crypto collectibles, consisting of gaming items, digital art, and other virtual goods backed by blockchain technology.

By comparison among NFTs available in the marketplace. Domain Names have the most profitability potential. Where Cars.com a traditional domain name holds the record for the most expensive domain name ever sold at $872 Million, verified from SEC Filings for the parent company, Gannet Co., Inc.

Step 2

Build a Blockchain Website for your Blockchain Domain.

The Blockchain Website should have a niche purpose. This enhances the demand and drives the value for the harvest.

A Blockchain Domain without a developed niche purpose for a Blockchain Website is not as valuable to drive a tremendous demand in the marketplace.

For example LasVegasNV.Crypto is a Blockchain Domain NFT that was developed into a Blockchain Website.

You can use the “Blockchain Websites Flipping System” created by Uply Media, Inc is an easy complete step-by-step online training video module instructions that can be done from anywhere in the world. Get instant access within minutes!

Step 3

Fertilize your Blockchain Website to produce the best harvest by developing and minting NFTs from the origin of the Blockchain Domain. For example FOOTBUL.CRYPTO is developed as a Blockchain Website created as a decentralized website and sits on top of a smart contract on Ethereum’s Blockchain published to the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).

Footbul.Crypto NFTs V3 digital assets are available for purchase on OpenSea. Each inspiration is created from the Origin of FOOTBUL.CRYPTO. Allowing equal opportunity access to own a piece of the action for teams, players, and cool merchandise collectibles inside this new developing virtual economy.

Owning digital assets have the potential to increase in value over time. NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) as unique or scarce digital assets will transform the Internet and underpin new virtual economies.

The future will include managing highly individualized portfolios of NFT.

Step 4

Promote your harvest by listing Blockchain Domains NFTs on the best marketplaces to attract and target ideal buyers.

For dot Crypto, the top marketplace is OpenSea or Rarible and Mintable for dot Zil.

Diversify and earn from your harvest by minting Blockchain Domains NFTs from the origin of your Blockchain Domain developed into a Blockchain Website.

In my book “Blockchain Domains Investing Secrets” I actually breakdown why websites built on Blockchain Domains will be the future of the new Internet for Web 3.0 creating a decentralized culture. Where transactions without intermediaries will become the emerging norm.

May you harvest the best returns with Blockchain Domains NFTs!

P.S – The more people you share this information with the bigger the ecosystem grows and creates a value-added demand-supply for farming Blockchain Domains NFTs!

Be the Crypto Liquidity Provider that’s vested in the success of the decentralized application project.

Visit Uply Media Blockchain Marketplace to shop, rent, lease, and buy the best Blockchain Domains and Blockchain Websites new developments.

Cheers to your success,


Kyle Ransom Uply Media CEO Blockchain

Kyle Ransom, Cofounder and CEO of Uply Media, Inc.

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