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“Flipping Blockchain Domains is the secret sauce to creating a new real estate development, it’s just digital real estate opposed to flipping tangible properties.”

The majority of real estate investors start out flipping properties first. Generally, because they don’t have access to cash when starting up.

A property flip seems ultimately very simple.

The investor finds a “potential property” in distress and needing some fix-up work to sell for retail value.

“Hence the idea to fix and flip for a quick profit!”

The only problem is, flipping houses is overly saturated by the masses today and making it hard or practically impossible to make money.

“It’s really hard to create wealth from flipping houses in today’s real estate marketplace.”

No matter how easy it sounds or looks on television. Especially, from self-proclaimed and alleged gurus or even motivational speakers.

Most real estate developers haven’t given much thought to “diversifying” their investment portfolios.


Blockchain Domains are a new asset class set to skyrocket as mega crypto-assets!

By comparison, it might be hard to decide “which options offer the best solutions” to create wealth over the next 10 years.

Could it be??

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency
Stocks and Bonds
Real Estate and Cash 
Gold and Metals

“Everyone wants to know the secret formula!”

Traditional investors will always settle for real estate as a sure and calmer win.

However, the majority of traditional investors lack the technical knowledge to understand the explosive value of “Blockchain” technology.

Which will also cause them to “miss out on investing” in the most in-demand innovative technology development.

Meticulous Research details the global blockchain market is projected to reach USD 28.24 Billion by 2025. Adding the market is expected to be driven by the increasing adoption of Backend as a Service (BaaS), “increasing merchants accepting cryptocurrency” and the growing implementation of blockchain in financial institutions.

Revealing, Blockchain is predominantly being used within ten major sectors: banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI); government; healthcare and life sciences; media and entertainment; retail and e-commerce; travel and hospitality; transportation and logistics; real estate; IT and telecommunication; and others.

To create wealth individuals must follow the path for “theory guides research” by investing in innovation.

Blockchain Domains are “crypto-assets” that can “accept cryptocurrency” payments.

If one of the main driving factors, for Blockchain technology will be “increasing merchants accepting cryptocurrency” then investing in Blockchain Domains, that can accept numerous cryptocurrency is a sure win!

Which is why Zilliqa, offers the best platform for Blockchain Domains investing.

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Blockchain Domains will be very valuable as a new asset class and transform payment processing forever. 

Anyone can buy a dot com domain name, not everyone can build a Facebook from their dot com domain extension.

The same goes for buying and developing a dot Zil extension for Blockchain Domains.

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It’s no wonder Blockchain Domains are expected to be a huge asset class!

Just Google “Blockchain Domains Investing and you will find interest in the subject matter is exploding online.

Getting in early right now can make all the difference. 

Picking the best Blockchain Domain and development concept will be the ultimate solution to create generational wealth!

“To your success!”

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