This Blockchain Digital Asset NFT is over 2 years old minted by JohnsCreek.Zil Blockchain Domain NFT. When it comes to NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) the value is in the age of the NFT minted and the purpose of a digital asset.

The origin of this crypto-asset is created by JohnsCreek.Zil, a Blockchain Domain NFT ecosystem. There will be only 6 born as part of this limited collection and connects to Johns Creek, Georgia where an Ore deposit dates back over 500 million years, containing a mineral deposit with high enough grades of metal to find real gold. 

Don’t miss out, this is a real steal if you looking for an NFT that was minted over 2 years ago.

The Gold Bar Level 1 is an authentic unique limited edition collection, digital collectible crypto NFT that is not tangible in the real world.

Owning this crypto Gold Bar will bring good luck and enormous riches for a lifetime. Possibly, much more than a myth is “Johns Creek, Georgia” is composed of gold! Top secrets of the “Georgia Gold Belt” map show that real GOLD probably exists in Johns Creek, Georgia! This is likely because Gold is a heavy metal that’s high in density and much heavier than lead. Gold is even 19.3 times heavier than water.

The density of gold is why miners believed it is often hidden or hiding by settling into loose very hard-to-reach deposits known as Placers. Located in Johns Creek, Georgia are 66 nearby mining deposits. It is very possible that most of the gold in Johns Creek, Georgia hasn’t been discovered yet. Making panning for gold very popular.

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