OpenRetail.Zil Blockchain Domain

Market Value

Blockchain to drive $164B inefficiencies for retail by 2030*

Source: IHS Markit



Comparable Domains Sold more than $25,000 more than $25,000 more than $25,000

Earnings Potential:

Since 2014, Overstock has brought in a reported $5 million per annum for each year (used in financial contexts) in Bitcoin payments and as many as 100,000 merchants worldwide now accept the digital currency as tender.

Expedia, Dish, Microsoft, and many other companies now accept Bitcoin as a form of payment.

Private Key Wallet Holder:

Uply Media, Inc.

Available for lease at $2,750 per month for 12 months. Special introductory rate for a limited time.

Contact us at 404-806-0548 or email us at


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