OnlineUniversities.Crypto Ethereum Blockchain Website For Sale, Lease or Rent

Accept Bitcoin and all other Crypto-currency payments (be your own bank!) plus build a decentralized website on Ethereum Blockchain!

OnlineUniversities.Crypto is available for Sale, Lease or Rent.

Buy Now Price: $250,000 (U.S.D) / Bitcoin or Ether

For more information contact us at:

Contact Number: (404) 806-0548


*Price subject to change or update based on Bitcoin and Ether trading. 


Online Universities is a super premium brand as a Blockchain Domain on dot Crypto extension that sits on top of a smart contract on Ethereum’s Blockchain.

Use: Online university branding, marketing, online universities promotions, online education, Blockchain technology.

Platform Reach: Ethereum’s Blockchain, Interplanetary File System (IPFS), Web 3.0, Opera Browser (80 million users), Opera Apps – iOS and Android (232 million users), Unstoppable Domains Browser.

Premium Evaluation

Top-Level Domain Value: Yes, 8k

Common Names, Words, Phrases: Yes, 2k

Uncommon Words, Acronyms, etc: No (Value $800)

Character Combinations: Yes, $400

7 Characters: No (Value $80)

Standard Domain Name: No (Value $40)

Search Intent

“Online” Widely used keyword

“Universities” High-value keyword

Asking Price: $250,000 (U.S.D) / Bitcoin or Ether

What Will You Receive?

Complete transfer of OnlineUniversities.Crypto private key ownership.

Lifetime ownership of OnlineUniversities.Crypto, no renewal fees. Blockchain Domains are valuable digital Crypto-assets that can be passed down from generation to generation like real property assets.

Blockchain Website development transferred to Interplanetary File System (IPFS) if desired.

Full ownership of a professionally designed logo, marketing images, and all copyright use.


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