Lectures.Zil Blockchain Domain



Lectures.Zil Main Uply Media Inc


Through Blockchain technology top cryptocurrencies can be processed by $Lectures.Zil as a payment processor wallet.

Comparable Domains/ Listings For Sale

Lectures.com Estimated Value: Dot.com appraisal value: $18,290 – GoDaddy

Lectures.Zil Blockchain Domain Technology Development

Phase 1 launching June of 2019. Receive multiple cryptocurrencies to
$Lectures.Zil blockchain domain name. Available for short term lease or long term rental.

Phase 2 launching Fall of 2019. Lectures.Zil available for a website that resolves on the blockchain on top of a smart contract.

Phase 3 launching Winter of 2019. Browser extension support for Lecturesi.Zil website. Requires a browser extension and development to integrate browsers natively are in the works.

$Lectures.Zil private key wallet holder ownership: 50% Uply Media, Inc. and 50% Tracy Crispino. 

Private Key Wallet Holder:

Uply Media, Inc.

Available for lease at $2,750 per month for 12 months. Special introductory rate for a limited time.

Contact us at (404) 806-0548 or email us at marketplace@uplymedia.com


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