InternetIdentity.Crypto Ethereum Blockchain Website Web3


InternetIdentity.Crypto Ethereum Blockchain Website is a Web3 based platform where people can securely store their personal metadata. Users can choose to monetize their metadata by selling it to vendors.

Other case uses include:

IBM Verify
offers a suite of authentication solutions providing a steady migration and evolution of technology without disrupting existing business process workflows. As part of a global, public permissioned blockchain ledger, IBM Verify Credentials makes it possible for known, trusted issuing organizations to issue credentials to individuals. In turn, those individuals can hold and present
credentials to verifying organizations of their choosing.
uPort is backed by ConsenSys, a global incubator of blockchain applications. uPort is a way of registering identity on the Ethereum blockchain. It enables users to identify themselves and send either information or value to other users in a clear, transparent way.

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