CryptoCap.Zil Decentralized Crypto Swap Exchange On Zilliqa Blockchain



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How CryptoCap.Zil works is it’s a decentralized exchange to swap cryptocurrencies without a central authority. This allows for peer-to-peer swapping of cryptocurrencies and operates like a do-it-yourself solution without having to entrust a trading company or other third party.

What makes this platform exceptional is that finding the best prices to swap is based on an aggregator and not a pooling DEX system like most competitors in the marketplace. Where this decentralized exchange routes each swap through multiple DEX to locate the very best prices. There are tons of tokens available in the crypto marketplace. Swapping is a great place to start for crypto newbies, this decentralized exchange makes it much easier to navigate the best prices. Automatic insurance is included through Nexus Mutual allowing users coverage for up to 600 ETH in the event that funds are lost during a swap due to an unforeseen bug.

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