CannabisCoins.Crypto Ethereum Blockchain Website For Lease #NFTs #DWeb


Cannabiscoins.Crypto Best Uses:

Accept payments in cryptocurrencies:

Bypass federally regulated banks in the US and streamline payment processing where cannabis is legal in other countries.

Supply Chain and Compliance Verification:

Track all products from cultivation, processing, packaging, and distribution with a verified record of the product.

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs:

Reduce gift card fraud and cost by implementing a blockchain reliant gift card loyalty program.


Increase traceability and verify proof of delivery through a smart contract on Ethereum Blockchain.

Accept Bitcoin and all other Crypto-currency payments (be your own bank!) plus build a decentralized website on Ethereum Blockchain.

Cannabiscoins.Crypto is live on the IPFS available for lease only.

Lease a crypto digital asset on Web 3.0.

Use the Opera browser for Android to search CannabisCoins.Crypto.

CannabisCoins.Crypto can be used to send and receive Crypto to $CannabisCoins. Collect as an NFT or build an Ethereum Blockchain Website.

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