Uply Media Inc: Basic Cybersecurity Awareness Training for Federal Agencies

Empower Your Workforce with Essential Cybersecurity Knowledge

Are you a federal agency aiming to fortify your cybersecurity defenses? Uply Media Inc. offers a comprehensive Basic Cybersecurity Awareness Training designed to educate your employees on fundamental cybersecurity practices.

This one-day online workshop will provide your staff with the knowledge they need to recognize and mitigate common cyber threats, thereby enhancing your agency’s overall security posture.

Total Cost: $5,500

Understanding Micro-Purchases: Federal government agencies can procure goods and services directly up to the micro-purchase threshold of $10,000. In specific situations such as emergency responses or contingency operations, this threshold can be increased to $20,000 within the U.S. and $35,000 outside the U.S. (Acquisition.gov) (USDA Food and Nutrition Service). These micro-purchases can be made using Government Purchase Cards (GPCs), simplifying the payment and procurement process (Acquisition.gov) (USDA Food and Nutrition Service). Micro-purchases are a category of procurement that allows federal agencies to purchase goods and services directly up to a specific threshold without the need for contract bidding or listing on the System for Award Management (SAM.gov).

What We Offer:

Workshop Materials

Our training includes a full suite of materials such as slides, handouts, and interactive content to ensure an engaging and informative experience for all participants.

Interactive Training Sessions

Our expert trainers will conduct interactive sessions that cover key topics such as safe internet usage, email security, password management, and recognizing phishing attempts. These sessions are designed to be engaging and practical, ensuring that your employees can easily apply what they learn.

Post-Workshop Assessment

To ensure the effectiveness of the training, we will administer a post-workshop assessment to evaluate knowledge retention and identify areas for further improvement. This helps to reinforce the training content and measure its impact.


Our Basic Cybersecurity Awareness Training is designed to be efficient and impactful. The entire workshop is conducted within one business day, providing your employees with valuable knowledge without significant disruption to their work schedules.


Increase Employee Cybersecurity Awareness

Our training will equip your employees with the knowledge and skills to recognize and respond to common cybersecurity threats, reducing the risk of security breaches.

Reduce Risk of Security Breaches

By educating your staff on best practices, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of successful cyber-attacks caused by human error.

Promote a Culture of Security

Creating a culture of security within your agency ensures that all employees are aware of their role in maintaining cybersecurity, fostering a proactive approach to protecting sensitive information.

Why Choose Uply Media Inc?

At Uply Media Inc., we specialize in providing tailored cybersecurity solutions for federal agencies. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to deliver comprehensive training that drives real results. By choosing our Basic Cybersecurity Awareness Training, you are investing in the security of your agency’s digital assets and the overall awareness of your workforce.

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