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Kyle Ransom, Uply Media, Inc’s CEO, and Co-founder is available to work with technology companies and Blockchain organizations to serve as a Tech Advisory Board Member to help enforce diversity and improve relationships with African Americans in technology. 

This is an excellent time for tech companies to transform their relationships in support of Black Lives Matter and bridge the gap in technology.

Ransom is a U.S. Navy war veteran who served under a top-secret clearance in cryptographic communications and navigations systems. As a senior technology expert advisor under his leadership Uply Media, Inc. oversees a variety of high-tech digital media and content platforms. Ransom is an Apiary Fund certified professional trader who trades forex and cryptocurrency daily.

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A very accomplished self-published best selling author, application and software developer, financial expert, former mortgage broker, real estate investor and real estate developer.

His book appears in the Top 5 at number 4 ranked by  BookAuthority’s 15 Best New Cryptocurrency Investing eBooks To Read In 2020, As featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc — BookAuthority identifies and rates the best books in the world, based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings, and sentiment.

Kyle Ransom’s book “Blockchain Domains Investing Secrets: Tap Into Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Crypto-Assets New Internet and Digital Asset Class, Marketplace Worth Trillions,” is available on Amazon’s Kindle and in paperback.

Not only is Ransom’s book ranked among best Crypto eBook 2020 reads, but it’s also ranked on BookAuthority’s Holy Grail of categories by lists for All Time best!

Coming in at no. 44 for 48 Best Cryptocurrency Investing Books of All Time and no. 60 for 67 Best Digital Currency Books of All Time!!

Uply Media, Inc is positioning ourselves as the leading Blockchain Technology Fintech Media Agency.

Our agency is a seasoned online global publisher and software developer.

From 2014-2018, Uply Media, Inc designed, developed, and created a total of 159 apps under our own publisher license of “Uply Media, Inc” for a total of 159 applications, including 107 for Apple’s iOS apps and 52 for Google’s Andriod apps. Capturing a total of over 1 Million app downloads for Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android available in over 155 countries. Ranked in the Top 5% for Most Apps and Top 10% for Most Download installs in Google Play Store. In early 2019, Uply Media, Inc closed our Application publishing licenses with both Apple and Google, to focus on Blockchain technology extensively.

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Act fast Kyle Ransom is only seeking to work with a limited amount of tech companies with authentic intentions to enforce diversity and improve relationships with African Americans in technology. 

For interest in having Kyle Ransom, Uply Media, Inc’s CEO, and Co-founder join your Tech Advisory Board please contact or call (404) 806-0548.