SmartCoins.zil Blockchain Domain For Sale

SmartCoins.zil is available for sale or licensing

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No CODING Required! Start accepting Bitcoin and other crypto payments!

Let our experienced development team handle everything DONE Right For YOUR Business!

Replace cryptocurrency addresses using this top Blockchain Domain “Keyword or Keyword Phrases” to accept crypto payments safe and securely over blockchain technology.

Build brand awareness and influencer value by accepting cryptocurrency using top industry keywords!!

We are offering this Blockchain Domain for exclusive lease and rental and for promotional license use.

Accept cryptographic payments in 9 different cryptocurrency options. Including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zilliqa, and more options constantly added.

This Blockchain Domain is designed and developed by Uply Media, Inc from service provider Unstoppable Domains on Ziilliqa’s extension.

For payment processing, this Blockchain Domain can handle Visa level transactions through sharding, Zilliqa is a contract-enabled platform for payment processing and dApps focused on speed, security, and scalability. Ziilliqa’s Blockchain technology is a third-generation platform.

Use our top Blockchain Domain “Keyword or Keyword Phrases” development to replace long cryptocurrency addresses to accept crypto for payments.

Future solutions include a 2-way functionality to build a Website on this Blockchain Domain as a Keyword or Keywords Phrase development on a domain asset that sits on top of a smart contract operated by Uply Media Inc as the private key wallet holder and developer to create a censorship-resistant website. Anticipated availability for Website features will be fall of 2019, now accepting lease and rental submissions to secure this Blockchain Domain.



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