BlockchainVoting.Crypto Ethereum Blockchain Website (DWeb)

BlockchainVoting.Crypto Ethereum Blockchain Website (DWeb)

BlockchainVoting.Crypto is a DWeb (Decentralized Website) now live on Ethereum Blockchain!

A blockchain-based voting application does not concern itself with the security of its internet connection, because any hacker with access to the terminal will not be able to affect other nodes. 

This will allow official votes to be counted with absolute certainty, knowing that each ID can be attributed to only one vote, no fakes can be created, and tampering will be impossible.


BlockchainVoting.Crypto will be a decentralized website on Ethereum Blockchain to conduct verified voting!  There is a need to address how votes and counted and accessibility to voting for minorities and senior citizens. BlockchainVoting.Crypto will address these needs by providing a platform where people easily and securely cast their votes and be counted.

Some examples of the this business model are:

Agora is a protocol company built for the purpose of voting, that allows anyone anywhere to vote. It aims to eradicate fraud and corruption, reduce costs, and engage voters in a modern, secure, convenient and accessible way.
Follow My Vote is a Cloud voting system with voter identity verification, electronic ballots, and the ability to vote from any location. An open-source end-to-end verifiable blockchain voting software for use in government-sponsored elections worldwide.

A whitepaper and pitch are pending. If you would like them emailed to you for review please email us at

For more information contact us at:


*Price subject to change or update based on Ether trading. 


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