Dot Crypto Blockchain Domain Ethereum Cryptocurrency Token Crowdsale Launch Service

Do you need to launch a Dot Crypto Blockchain Domain Ethereum Cryptocurrency Token Crowdsale??

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Uply Media, Inc offers a complete 100% done for you service to launch a complete Ethererum Cryptocurrency Token Crowdsale!

What is a Blockchain Domain?

A Blockchain Domain is a new asset class that sits on top of a smart contract, such as Dot Crypto on the Ethereum platform.

Launching an Ethereum Cryptocurrency Token Crowdsale is a great solution to monetize a Dot Crypto Blockchain Domain! Discover more ways to monetize a Blockchain Domain, Go Here

What Is A Crowdsale?

A Crowdsale is an online event where participants can purchase tokens that will help raise funding to develop a Blockchain Domain project.

There are a lot less worry about breaking SEC laws and regulations for securities violations with the use of Crowdsale and Tokens than ICOs known as Initial Coin Offering.

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent to an Initial Public Offering (IPO). ICOs act as a way to raise funds, where a company looking to raise money to create a new coin, app, or service launches an ICO.

All ICOs must be registered like IPOs and offered only to accredited investors. This requirement increases costs making ICOs very expensive and also limits the pool of potential purchasers.

A Crowdsale and Token distribution is much less expensive. Accomplishing the same goal to raise money to develop a Blockchain Domain project and test interests.

Our experts follow the Howey test that was developed by the Supreme Court and implemented by the SEC, to define if a Token is a security.

Each Crowdsale and Token will be launched by the following Howey test rules to not violate SEC guidelines.

1. There shall by no investment of money, each Crowdsale and Token distributed will use cryptocurrency.

2. There is never an expectation of profits offered to any purchaser for each Crowdsale and Token distributed.

No Crowdsale and Token distribution will entitle the purchaser to any portion of profit or revenues, a guaranteed annuity, or other features that make it appear to be an investment in the business in exchange for an electronic form of stock.

3. Never will any Crowdsale and Token distribution be considered arising from a common enterprise.

A “common enterprise” is defined as an enterprise in which the fortunes of the investor are interwoven with and dependent upon the efforts and success of those offering or selling the investment or of third parties.

4. Never will any Crowdsale and Token distribution depend solely on the efforts of a promoter or third party.

We make sure that each Blockchain Domain funding created through Crowdsale and Token distributions are valued in a cryptocurrency or an internal value used only within the business. The token shall grant access to your Blockchain Domain services being built. Making the tokens associated with your Blockchain Domain currency use for the specific functions of your business or service offering.

All Crowdsale and Token distributions shall not be tied to profits and shall be used for services within the business.

To get started our Blockchain Domain Ethereum Cryptocurrency Token Crowdsale Launch Service starts at a flat rate of $3,950 (USD) or cryptocurrency in BTC or ETH includes the following:

  • Token management and creation while overseeing all technical support and implementation.
  • Ethereum smart contract and execution creation.
  • Blockchain Domain “DWeb” decentralized website design deployed on InterPlanetary File System to IPFS using an Unstoppable Domain template or Dapp solution. (Dapp additional costs start at $9,500 and up)
  • Crowdsale and Token distribution launch promotional video uploaded to YouTube.
  • A press release announcement and media promotions.
  • Social media marketing and promotions.
  • Online webpage marketing and promotions.
  • Dedicated account manager to oversee Crowdsale and Token distribution success.

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