Blockchain Web 3.0 Pre-Teen and Teen Leadership Boards

Welcome to Uply Media, Inc’s Blockchain Web 3.0 Pre-Teen and Teen Leadership Boards!

Our active mission is to work with innovators of the future for Blockchain technology advancing the decentralized Internet and beyond. We seek to work with advanced and gifted kids between ages 9 and 13 to 14 and 18 years of age.

Uply Media, Inc’s Blockchain Web 3.0 Pre-Teen and Teen Leadership Boards, will also address racial diversity in tech. Matching both pre-teens and teens in virtual locations around the United States and around the globe from different races and ethnic backgrounds to work on projects together. 

The Uply Media, Inc’s executive team will provide mentorship to Pre-Teens and Teens selected to participate in the leadership program. We are positioning ourselves as the leading Blockchain Technology Fintech Media Agency, seeking to work with future decentralized technology leaders and bright learners of tomorrow. 

Leadership Skills Learned?

  • Direct Mentorship Leadership Training 
  • Introduction To Blockchain Technology For The Decentralized Web
  • Dynamic Character Building and Communications Skills
  • Blockchain Websites Innovation and Coding Development Skills
  • Entrepreneurship Skills From Experienced Blockchain Experts 
  • Tech Diversity Engagement and Virtual Socialization With Like-Minded Technology Leaders
  • Certificate Participation and Recognition 
  • End Of Year Celebration and Awards Program (Due to COVID-19, Location and dates have not been determined)

Five participants who show exceptional leadership skills will receive the distinguished award and privilege to work on Leadership Excellence projects. Where they will also learn entrepreneurship skills for Blockchain Websites innovation and how-to monetize in the ecosystem. 

Registration Enrollment Not Open. Please Check Back! 

Registration Fee: $150 
Annual Program Costs: $3,750 
Registration does not guarantee acceptance into the program. All participants must pass an extensive selection review. 
(Scholarships are available for those who meet financial requirements). 

Mr. Kyle Ransom, Uply Media, Inc’s CEO, and Co-founder will observe and direct all executive mentorship for the program with the assistance of our team. He is a U.S. Navy war veteran who served under a top-secret clearance in cryptographic communications and navigations systems. As a senior technology expert advisor under his leadership Uply Media, Inc. oversees a variety of high-tech digital media and content platforms. 

He is also an Apiary Fund certified professional trader experienced in Forex and Currency Trading.

His book has been selected by top Blockchain industry leaders and highly recognized in the industry appears in the Top 5 at number 4 ranked by BookAuthority’s 14 Best New Cryptocurrency Investing eBooks To Read In 2021, As featured on CNN, Forbes, and Inc — BookAuthority identifies and rates the best books in the world, based on public mentions, recommendations, ratings, and sentiment.

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Good Luck!