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The Gold Bar Level 1 by JohnsCreek.Zil Uply Media Inc

Uply Media, Inc Introduces JohnsCreek.Zil New NFTs Gold Bar Levels

(Alpharetta, Georgia) The Ore deposit located in Johns Creek, Georgia contains a mineral deposit with high enough grades of metal to find real gold. Located in Johns Creek, Georgia are 66 nearby mining deposits. For this reason, many experts believe most of the gold in Johns Creek, Georgia hasn’t been discovered yet even today. Which…
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Uply Media, Inc Adds Neil Woolever and Tina Restivo To Pioneer Level

(Alpharetta, Georgia) The Woolever Restivo Team holds 50% percent ownership in Tequilas.zil, Ibitcoincash.zil, and Lagunabeachca.zil new Blockchain Domains coming soon. Development projects for Blockchain Domains offer growing non-securities investment opportunities. Uply Media, Inc today announced the addition of Neil Woolever and Tina Restivo as Pioneer Level to their Blockchain Domains Investing Network. Pioneer Level status…
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Uply Media, Inc Forecast Blockchain Crypto Payments Will Soar From Search Keywords

(Alpharetta, Georgia) A brand is often known as an industry leader by their influence control over a topic in search results. Which is also the reason why search engines and social media companies create their own algorithms to produce beneficial incentives for search return results. Top search keywords play a major role in finding products,…
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Blockchain Domains Investing Book by Kyle Ransom

New Blockchain Domains Investing Secrets Book Expands Bitcoin

(Alpharetta, Georgia) This super informative book is a 45-minute short read, packed inside with details revealing how Blockchain Domains are making the connection for where Bitcoin transformed decentralized digital currency into the future of money. By third generations, 90% of families are losing their wealth. Uply Media, Inc today announced the publishing release debut of…
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Municipal Blockchain Domains Invoice Paid Uply Media Inc

Municipal Blockchain Domains To Be Worth Billions

If you reside anywhere in the United States then you should be familiar with conducting business with the city government for municipal services. Municipal relates to anything dealing with a city or town or its governing body. Considered, also as business conducted within the city government. Generally, all basic city municipal services may include sanitation, water, streets, schools, food…
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Bitcoin Roundup Snippets Vol 1 Uply Media Inc main

Bitcoin Roundup Snippets Vol. 1

These are the top stories covering Bitcoin trends to watch and Bitcoin price alerts, for roundup vol 1 featuring snippets of brief extracts and full source credits. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin…
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Flipping Blockchain Domains Investing Uply Media Inc 9

Flipping Blockchain Domains Like Houses

“Flipping Blockchain Domains is the secret sauce to creating a new real estate development, it’s just digital real estate opposed to flipping tangible properties.” The majority of real estate investors start out flipping properties first. Generally, because they don’t have access to cash when starting up. A property flip seems ultimately very simple. The investor…
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Bitcoin Uply Media

Bitcoin Is The Solid Future Of Payment Processing

Being able to accept Bitcoin is the future of payment processing and beyond! What’s Bitcoin? “Yes, still lots of people don’t understand exactly what bitcoin really is or how it even works.” Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, which cryptocurrency is a digital asset that works as a medium of exchange by design. Allowing the use of…
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Blockchain Domain Inspiration By Traveling 200 Feet Down / 100 Years Back In Time To Over 500 Million Years Ago

Wow, who knew in February of 2017 traveling 200 feet underground and 100 years back in time, would take us to a mystery dating to over 500 million years ago!  “Sounds a little confusing?”  Well, it might be at first. However, this is how the historic inspiration was formed to create “JohnsCreek.zil” a Blockchain Domain…
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Blockchain Domains Secret Formula For Picking Names Worth Millions Uply Media Inc

Blockchain Domains Secret Formula For Picking Names Worth Millions

“Is there a secret formula for picking names for Blockchain Domains that could potentially be worth millions?” Good news, the answer to that question is “Yes!” When it comes to selecting and representation of a name, William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet, explains it best. Where Juliet makes the argument that it does not matter…
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