Cryptocurrencies are changing the way people can earn money. It’s much easier to earn money with decentralized and digital currency because there is no waiting to get paid. 
“No banks, no third party, no waiting!”
There several ways to do this. Here is a break down of the many solutions to earn money with cryptocurrencies.

Investing involves buying and holding cryptocurrencies and waiting for them to increase in value to sell later or earn dividends for long term investment strategies. 
An individual should always do their diligence before making any investments.

Cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and offer huge upside but large downsides as well. 
For this reason, people should never invest any money in crypto that they can not afford to lose! 
Here are the platforms that I have tried and would recommend. 

Coinmama is another platform where you can easily buy cryptocurrencies to buy and hold from anywhere in the world with bank wires and credit cards. It is a really fast way to get you to hands-on some crypto.

Cryptohopper is a unique platform in that you can trade crypto with bots to maximize your profits when trading the market. This can be a good option for someone too new to trading crypto and wants to benefit from trading the markets.

CEX-IO is a Bitcoin exchange where you can trade Crypto and fiat currency pairs. If you don’t want to trade CEX-IO has a staking feature where to can earn money by just holding crypto in your account. Buy Crypto with a card credit for quick access.

Micro tasking is a fast-growing trend to earn money but completing surveys, downloading apps, and watching YouTube. 

You can earn bitcoins by completing simple tasks from your cell phone. Bituro has several offers to choose that fit your schedule and lifestyle.

Mining cryptocurrency at first required you to purchase expensive mining rigs and required lots of power and space to run them. However, advancement in cloud technology has made it possible for anyone to earn money mining crypto.

Nuvoo Mining
Nuvoo Mining offers a good solution for beginners and pros to mining cryptocurrencies without buying expensive rigs. Instead, you buy 18-month contracts that fit your budget. 

If you going to buy crypto then you will need a wallet to keep your keys safe and secure. There are many types of wallets to choose like hard wallets, desktop wallets, mobile wallets and web wallets like MetaMask.

Ledger is a hard wallet that offers high security and access to all major cryptocurrencies. It is considered one of the best hard wallets on the market
Crypto casinos are another great way to earn or  I should say win some cryptocurrencies. If you have been to Vegas you will enjoy taking a stab at playing.

Bitplay Club
Bitplay Club is a daily lottery where you pick numbers on your ticket to win BitCoin. The price of the ticket depends on the number of options you play. 

Freebitco offers several ways to earn Bitcoin from jackpot drawing to staking. It’s free to sign up and earn money.