HiltonHeadIsland.Zil Distinguished Crypto Resident Crowdsale

Enjoy spending days relaxing in the sun, among incredible beaches, and playing on world-class golf courses?

“Then real-life Hilton Head Island is likely one of your favorite places to visit on planet earth!”

HiltonHeadIsland.Zil will be a lifestyle platform built on Ziilliqa’s extension public blockchain that will revolutionize and transform social status and influencer value engagement for the future.


Our motto centerpiece is “Ocean Beaches & Golf Courses” on Zilliqa, Blockchain focused on Hilton Head Island lifestyle and living!

HiltonHeadIsland.Zil is making plans to be the leading authority platform concentrating on destination and location lifestyle for Hilton Head Island through Blockchain technology and demand for accepting cryptocurrencies.

Together with your help, this project can achieve immense credibility and brand recognition. For your support we would like to recognize you as a lifetime “Distinguished Crypto Resident” and as believers, we can make this project happen.

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Your Token is a digital showmanship badge of supreme recognition and influential value in our ecosystem. As a user, it grants you a lifetime and permanent residency on our platform. Only available to early pioneers and true believers in our ecosystem.

Disclaimer: All Token sales do not constitute a prospectus or tangible offer of any sort and are not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investments in securities in any jurisdiction.

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