DigitalArt.Crypto NFT L2 Token

Swap DigitalArt.Crypto NFT L2 Token (Desktop or Laptop)


Step 1. You will need a Crypto Wallet (Recommended to use MetaMask or #Ad  Ledger Hardware $119 via Amazon).

Step 2. Copy Contract Address for "DigitalArt.Crypto NFT L2 Token"(Simply copy the contract address "0x96E4504EB4eF176a587bceD236202ed2ED612b8bbelow at the bottom of the page once your wallet or ledger hardware is connected).

Step 3. Open and click on the swap tab.

Step 4. Choose the Token you want to use to swap DANL "DigitalArt.Crypto NFT L2 Token".

Step 5. Click on select Token

Step 6. Paste the contract address.

Step 7. Click on DANL below. (Select how much of your token you want to swap for DANL)

Step 8. Click Swap (Review all settings).

Step 9. Confirm Swap

Step 10. Confirm your wallet or ledger.

The final destination, DANL "DigitalArt.Crypto NFT L2 Token" should then show in your assets on your wallet.

Watch The How-To Video Here.  

DigitalArt.Crypto NFT L2 Token (DANL)

Polygon (Matic)
vanilla Symbol
DigitalArt.Crypto NFT L2 Token
Initial Supply

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