Blockchain Business Development Internship

Uply Media Inc is seeking business development interns to learn valuable skills in marketing and promotions for our Blockchain technology and media services.

Business Development Interns will be mentored by a seasoned team member expert. Learning skills to enhance strategies to support digital content managers, web content, and editorial content focused on our diverse portfolio of decentralized applications, community buildings, giveaway promotions, tokens, user growth, and Blockchain Website and Blockchain Domains.

Additionally, knowledgebase skills will also include learning content strategies for decentralized Tokens and Staking business models utilized to grow and raise funding for new Blockchain projects among developing virtual economies.

This opportunity is not restricted to having prior experience or any desired college major qualifications. Advance level training will be provided to those that are willing to learn and ready to excel in Web 3.0 decentralized Internet and Metaverse virtual worlds.

While this isn’t a directly paid salary position. There will be performance bonuses, that will competitively match salaries in technology.

This is a remote assignment that can be done from anywhere in the world, with a mobile phone, laptop, or computer with Internet access.

Please send your resume to and label it in the subject line Business Development Internship.