If someone had told me that my company was going to be in the $2.4 billion dollar dating services business today eight years ago this would have been a very funny joke…mainly I would not have thought that it would financially be possible. After the Housing Market Crash in 2007, we suffered financial ruins and became completely flat broke!

Who knew going broke would be the best thing to ever happen and this life changing event forced us into having to create innovative business models to make a living…This would mean we would have to start over and develop something groundbreaking. At no time did we ever think about turning to affiliate marketing or even network marketing, for us this was not the solution to our problem. We were looking for a way out that could also create generation wealth and still allow us to be 100% in control.

Wealth From Silicon Peach


At that time technology companies  and application software “apps” were all the buzz. Why not start from Silicon Peach, metro Atlanta’s technology hub? After all we were broke and couldn’t afford to move to Silicon Valley, problem solved…

We started slow and small building niche online media websites operating as a publishing company. Domain names were cheap to purchase so this was a smart investment for us. Next we turned niche websites into apps and created niche apps which we properly monetized to fund bigger app projects. Each project would fund the next project…

Not to make it sound too easy, we were turned down over 100 times before getting Apple to accept our very first app which was a pocket calculator app that also had really cool features. Fast forward today we have successfully developed and published over 76 apps on the App Store.

Today the mobile game industry is a hot ticket for earning revenue and we have entered this marketplace with great success. We create mobile game apps that are adored in over 122 countries ranked on top charts.

Going forward global mobile game revenues will eclipse console game revenues for the first time. Newzoo expects that mobile games will generate $30.3 billion worldwide; it predicts that console games will take in $26.4 billion. The firm said in 2015 it was expected sales for the total worldwide gaming market to be $91.95 billion.

Newzoo forecasts $24.05 billion in total games revenue, with mobile games generating $7.2 billion and console games representing $11.1 billion.

Uply Media Inc’s Net Worth

As a private company our net worth is not reported like public companies. However, there are companies like Zoominfo and Owler who track revenue estimates.

Zoominfo ranks Uply Media, Inc at  $1 million to $5 million in revenue estimates. Verify Here

Owler ranks Uply Media, Inc revenue at $4.4 million in revenue estimates. Verify Here

Uply Media, Inc is the publisher and developer behind major brands for online niche platforms and apps….we don’t live like ballers (been there done that!) and we make smart technology moves….

You can book Kyle Ransom the CEO for Uply Media, Inc at your next business speaking engagement event. Learn cutting edge practices to use technology to grow today’s businesses to turn profits. Contact uplymediainc@gmail.com for details or call (404) 806-0548 . 


Kyle Ransom


Uply Media, Inc 

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