Sorry but social media is fixed, so how-to promote today without having a major advertising budget? The bad news is social media is fixed and designed not to include anyone without deep pockets for spending  inside a controlled algorithm. Those who don’t have a big advertising budget to promote a business or brand chances are right now can’t get much love on social media platforms no matter how much time is being devoted to branding on social. Like being able to attract hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers with social media.

Don’t worry it’s not all you the algorithm simply can’t include unpaid advertising because social media is no longer essentially a free platform today…it’s kinda like being from the wrong side of the tracks and not having tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands and millions to spend on social media marketing monthly to reap the big time  success benefits social media popularity can generate.

Social Media Is Fixed 1 Uply Media Inc

Kudos to all those who got in early on the social media rush. However, no matter how many followers they have, without spending on promoted ads the algorithm is excluding them as well. Lately, we started to see many businesses with over millions of followers having difficulty being able to reach and effectively promote to their followers to generate revenue. Which there is also a simple solution to resolve this problem too without spending a dime on promoted content.

Okay, now that the bad news is finally out in the open let’s talk about the good news (I bet you could stand to hear some good news after that serious reality wake up).

Social Media Is Fixed

Social Media Is Fixed Uply Media Inc

Can you still promote your business on social media 100% without cost and make money today from a business or brand? Well, that’s a loaded question and the good news answer is yes you can still promote your business on social media without paying one dime. However, if you want to make money from all the time you spend promoting your business or brand on social media you need to also do a few things differently to make it a win-win…

See today social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn,  Pinterest, etc all still need you! That’s more good news, everyone loves to feel not only needed but wanted because this is what makes a good relationship…In fact you can even hack social media leads for finding more customers and clients without having to spend one single dime on paid promotions!

Today, my company Uply Media, Inc is the publisher and developer of over 100 apps available between Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store. We have even completed tons of app projects for clients that are blockbusters as well. These apps operate like laser target marketing powerhouses all over the world in over 120 plus countries available in over 1000 plus app marketplaces.

We evaluated top industries and created products and services from our findings. Determined the biggest problems and created offerings that could provide better solutions to fix problems in the marketplace for these top industries. Sometimes this meant partnering with big companies to promote or sell their goods, products or services as well.

Just by being in the app business we partnered with Apple and Google to use their app stores for our marketing platform. Creating in-app purchases that kickback 30% to Apple and Google for selling inside their app stores. Also, benefiting from receiving ad revenue inside their app stores running on our apps. Repeating these same strategies for our clients and customers. Again, utilizing social media marketing benefits which I will get to, it’s coming I promise!

Using social media marketing we were able to build a successful powerful global app army. However, these same marketing tactics can be used for any business or industry. Our approach was not to go after followers or fans to build a profile audience on social media….I explained that you must think very differently about how you view social media. What we actually did was to apply the law of theory guides research and applied “artificial intelligence” behavior patterns for understanding how humans would react.

That means building an ecosystem around social media behavior and also fluff promotions. Paid promoted content would be considered fluff engagement. It’s authentic engagement that will produce the best organic results to sell more products, goods, and services crossover into being lifetime loyal clients and customers.

The simple strategy for how-to create a successful business model over and over is revealed in my book The Serial Entrepreneur Success Guide, available on Amazon and B&N.


What we discovered was that most people are their own bottleneck when it comes to social marketing promotions success and if they made a few changes this could be just the opposite.


 How-to Promote Your Business

There is even more good news, if you can follow these easy just “three steps” provided you can start generating money instantly, in a few days or weeks online. However, it takes doing things much differently than what you have been doing and how you understand using social media publicly.

 Step 1

Please Stop Sharecropping 

Publishing content on social media without transferring back to “your own website infrastructure” is killing your brand or business. It’s like giving away knowledge in exchange for not even receiving rented attention because the algorithm is designed to favor paid promoted content. It’s worst than sharecropping because you provide content without receiving any percentage of the value revenue. Start seeing what you share on social media as “content assets” and invaluable data that should be shared as a marketing relationship partnership only. Have a central website location that you own and control where content is created from your own publishing website hub!

Step 2 

Add Quality Content  

View social media as a marketing relationship for a win-win partnership between what you have to share and the companionship environment inside. Understand the reason social media needs you is for organic quality content provided  and even with algorithm updates realism is a necessary development for any platform. Social media platforms will die without having good value added quality content produced organically!!

Make them not only need you but want you for your quality content….

Adding quality content to social media is not based on opinion, it requires research from an “objective” opinion for the theory to guide the research. Which means researching for what people want inside social environments. These are primary methods to conduct quality content research. Review which keyword searches receive the most interest and create content solutions for solving problems. Don’t focus on competition being too high, focus on the high demand interest inside the environment creating value added quality content. Make sure to use credible data sources like Google Trends, Social Mention, Pew Research Center, etc.

Step 3 

Build Influential Credibility 

Keep in mind that social media should be a win-win marketing relationship that offers a beneficial partnership for both parties. Which is why you must build your influential credibility inside social media environments. The main reason why  you need to have strong influence for being an expert on certain subject matters. This is very different than promoting products, goods, and services on social media. Build influential value for sharing your expertise and skills socially online.

Social media platforms should not get sickly rich from your efforts and never produce profitable returns. You should provide organic knowledge through quality content (what social media needs) that builds influential credibility (what you need) leading back to your central website hub producing sustainability revenue generation.

This information only covered how to promote inside social media without spending money on promoted ads. There is a much different approach for using paid promotions inside social media which will be covered at a later time, don’t miss it!

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