To be successful as a serial entrepreneur you must first have a can’t stop attitude. Without this mindset you will never ever be successful as a serial entrepreneur in any business. Becoming a business owner who can actually setup more than one business at a time and be successful over and over every time  is no easy task.

For me I started out in real estate investing flipping houses over and over making insane profits each time was like a tremendous high. Once you learn how-to recreate success the method for reproducing becomes an addictive trait and why serial entrepreneurship is addictive. Big businesses all practice this business model producing varies products, services, and brands in the marketplace.

When we decided to get into the apps business, I quickly identified that the most successful developers and publishers had more than one app in the marketplace. They were serial app developers and this allowed them to control the marketplace ruling the top charts.

After launching a series of dating websites we did our research and decided to target this niche as a serial entrepreneur… Focusing on what everybody else was doing wrong. I actually spent hours and weekends reading reviews left in the app stores. My goal was to fix problems and create a series of dating apps that could solve many of the problems. Which is why our dating apps zoomed up the top charts so fast and gained paid memberships becoming profitable even without advertising. Growing organically and building a sustainable business model!

Serial Entrepreneur

Serial Entrepreneur Uply Media Inc

The very first dating app we did was Cougar Dates Online App … No laughter this is a serious lifestyle business model and drive lots of revenue.

Cougar Dates Online App Store Uply Media

This app reached great success ranking on the top charts for cougar dating in Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

The success of this single dating app prompted us to produce a series of other dating apps and even a social network website in the cougar dating lifestyle focus area.

Successfully launching: 

Cougar Dates Online App on App Store 

Cougar Dates Online UK on App Store

Cougar Dates Online App on Google Play Store

Cougar Dates Online App UK on Google Play Store 

As a serial entrepreneur you also have to know when to introduce other offerings that will even compete with other products and services.

The time had come to create another cougar lifestyle dating app that the other series of products didn’t offer…

Then we created our biggest success yet in the cougar dating lifestyle business ….

Cougar Hookups a crossover dating app that ranks outside of the cougar dating niche but among apps for Hookups and adult dating !

Cougar Hookups Uply Media

We did it! All I do is win, win, win…. Needed a moment because when you create a crossover app entering other niche sectors for charting in entertainment and lifestyle you start competing with major big companies ! Revenue earnings potential go way up!!

I truly think that there are three rules to a achieve niche marketing success. In my book available on Amazon and B&N, I further provide an blueprint for how to launch and start successful serial entrepreneur businesses.

The Serial Entrepreneur Success Guide by Kyle Ransom Uply Media Inc 2


Here are my three rules for success in targeting a niche market as a serial entrepreneur:

#1 Solve Needs – You must be willing to do the research and figure out how-to solve needs that are problems. Invent a unique solution for solving the needs of consumers.

#2  Test The Market – This should go without saying but get out there and go test out the marketplace. Never stop researching for trends and ways to provide solutions to solve problems. This is the single best theory for targeting niches to become a serial entrepreneur and be wildly successful with every new business launch.

#3 Always Understand The Business Model – This is the most common mistake that serial entrepreneurs often make, they don’t learn or understand a business model! You have to understand how the business works and create offerings that solve problems in the marketplace. If you don’t understand the business you will not be successful and that goes for all entrepreneurs. As a serial entrepreneur targeting a niche you have to understand what works to be success before you can move on to the next launch.

After mastering how-to target a niche to make even more money serial entrepreneurs can diversify their niche to become even more profitable in the marketplace. Creating other niche dating apps that would diversify our brand and build stronger credibility for awareness.

We successfully launched:

Nearish on App Store 

Nearish Causual Dating App Uply Media Inc

MoneyeD on App Store 

MoneyeD Sugar Daddy Dating App Uply Media Inc

Melange Love Meet on App Store 

Melange Love Meet Swirl Dating Uply Media

Each time we created a new offering in the marketplace that produced superior results over and over again. Creating a niche that diversified our dating apps to gain extensive market share.

The best strategy for creating successful serial businesses is understanding how-to pick startup sectors that generate revenue. Outside of dating apps we have also been able to launch many other very successful apps and businesses. We practice what we preach operating true businesses winning in the marketplace.

If you really want to learn how-to be successful at launching serial businesses please take the time to read my book. It’s not long and gets right to the point packed with powerful details because I want you to be successful! Again, my book is available on Amazon and B&N!

We understand that many gurus can pass themselves off as a speaker and training coach…Our approach is to help you be successful doing what we do best “winning” at being an true entrepreneur! A “good leader” can’t lead where they are not mastering and that requires operating right now. What it took to operate businesses in the past is not what it takes today.

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These are top secrets to help you become successful at making money as a serial entrepreneur over and over….

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Here is to your success!

Kyle Ransom, CEO

Uply Media, Inc

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