The lazy entrepreneur’s guide for how-to make money online is a secretive blueprint for reaching entrepreneurial goals faster. I’m so lazy focused right now that I already only used “SEO keywords” to attract you to this article and it worked fantastic, you just showed up! Plus I didn’t spend one single dime on advertising to promote this article anywhere and don’t plan on it ever.


Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean that you don’t need to work hard at all, being a lazy entrepreneur just means you can work smarter to enjoy more time for yourself and with your family.


The rat race is in full swing when it comes to the entrepreneurship mentality. Everybody is some kind of self proclaimed entrepreneur and enjoy boasting about their many business ventures or most wonderful business opportunity on the planet. Sorry, but if one more person approaches us with these canned business opportunities I am going to scream…I have ran “my own businesses” for well over 20 years and that would mean I would likely never (ever in my case) be interested in working for somebody else…However, people do hire my company all the time and become our clients.


I have been a hard working entrepreneur from day one, started out young right out of college trying to grow my own business. Even through many ups and downs over the years especially from failing and making a comeback. I never ever gave up my dreams of being a true entrepreneur!


However, very few  self proclaimed entrepreneurs are actually really profitable enough to sustain as an entrepreneur on their own and not having a job or spousal supporting income.


Ask yourself, could you “survive as an entrepreneur right now” just from the income you making?


Would you be able to operate your entrepreneur business without a job or spousal income support, at this moment?


The Lazy Entrepreneur's Guide For How-to Make Money Online 2 Uply Media Inc

We discovered that most entrepreneurs are not actually entrepreneurs and don’t make real income to sustain themselves to support their families. They just got really good at making entrepreneurship look and sound glamorous.


This is why lazy entrepreneurs all over the world should rejoice because right now you can make serious income from running and operating a business online.


The Lazy Entrepreneur’s Guide

The Lazy Entrepreneur's Guide For How-to Make Money Online Uply Media Inc


There are three top common mistakes that most entrepreneurs are making blocking their path to making money online: 


Bad Money Making Ideas – Many entrepreneurs simply don’t understand how-to create and execute smart money making ideas.  This might sound stupid but many entrepreneurs don’t understand strategies to determine if a business idea will be profitable.


If you learn the rules for determining the best money making ideas you will stop wasting money and start making more money online.


Poor Marketing Skills – As an entrepreneur your marketing secrets and marketing strategies can make or break your business success online and off line.


For the life of me I don’t understand why entrepreneurs will not seek help with marketing. It’s like dying from a really bad heart condition and never treating the problem only trying to fix it yourself. After all marketing is the heart of your business and the strengths of your marketing strategies is linked to every part of your business (learn more at, an SEO Company).


Poor Platform Resources – Most entrepreneurs underestimate the value of their home-turf website platform and especially when compared to competitive intelligence. They tend to build their websites for simply looks but not functionality to target and attract a large audience following. If they focused on this they would be able to sell more products, goods, and services.


One simple test we use is to compare what type of online traffic an entrepreneur’s website is receiving. This is a large determining factor to see who is attracting an audience for making money online to sell goods. Like evaluating website bounce rates, how long do visitors stay, how many pages do visitors view, etc. an Amazon company is the best place to determine what type of traffic and performance an entrepreneur is scoring to see how many people may be visiting their website. It is also a advertising cheat sheet to see if the entrepreneur is attracting a following for making money online to sell goods and services.


Generally, most entrepreneurs are seriously failing at turning their online websites into marketing agents collecting money 24/7 for selling more goods and services !


They build empty websites ( no traffic) and blank platforms (not selling) hoping to make money online.


How-to Make Money Online 


Now that we got the big common mistakes out the way. Let’s get down to business and discuss how being a lazy entrepreneur can help to generate more money online much faster.


I swear my head hurts watching these other entrepreneurs working so very hard. Sometimes I even feel guilty because I know how hard they work and this takes so much time away from them being with their families.


This might freak out the networking entrepreneur always working in overdrive attending every industry event, here is the very first thing you should do.


Stop Networking – You are constantly on the go and killing your creativity for making money online.


Focus on building more individual relationships and creating money making  ventures.


Solve Problems – The laziest way to make money online is to solve problems. Provide a powerful solution for other people’s  problems and you can make money daily online!


Most entrepreneurs really miss this, they tend to only boast about themselves and promote their business all the time. Not solving one single problem and hurting their efforts to make money online for selling more goods and services.


Lazy Promotions – You can work harder or learn to work much smarter setting up digital promotional campaigns from your home-turf (website) driving constant business.


While other entrepreneurs are out slaving over their social media accounts, trying to keep up with constant news and events.


Using lazy promotions efforts you can research evergreen subjects once and have them work for you over and over attracting a loyal social media following using the right marketing strategies.


Lazy Engagement  – If you want to make more money online simply turn into a blogger! However, you should still think like a media outlet to target and drive people looking for the problems your business can solve!


Blogging about problems that your company can fix will drive you massive income everyday.


The simple trick is to understand “content creation” that can generate organic traffic and visitors in need of what your business can fix for them.


Build Lists – One of the very best ever digital marketing tools to jump start making serious money online to sell more goods and services is using the power of Email Marketing. Build a powerful list of potential customers to sell goods and services. Send creative emails that discuss common problems that you can also fix.


Get 20+ email templates. 100% free. Simply fill in the blanks. Then copy and paste the content into your emails. Sign up for your free “What to Write in Your Emails” course and you’ll get your email templates right away.


The Lazy Entrepreneur's Guide For How-to Make Money Online Email Marketing Uply Media Inc


If you want to seriously unleash the power for making money online and sick of having to network your but off… Become a lazy entrepreneur who works smarter and not harder!


Now that you have finally decided to slow down cutting out all those networking events. Organize how you will spend all that free time!


Hint, you should spend most of it with family and friends.  


By Cataunya Ransom, Chief Brand Officer for Uply Media, Inc

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