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Anyone can create a hit emoji keyboard app today without being a celebrity. Emoji apps are exploding in popularity and now is the best time to jump in!

Does it take being super famous to create a hit emoji app?

Sure it helps if your name is Kim Kardashian West and you can center emoji art around your popular celebrity lifestyle like she did with her KIMOJI app.

Kimoji App Uply Media Inc Emoji Apps

However, any person or popular interest with “a following” can create a hit emoji app!!

Take for instance brilliantly funny actor Kevin Hart created KEVMOJI that soared to the top charts inside Apple’s App Store.

What Hart did was disruptive to the emoji market place and ingenious at the same time. He released emojis as “strictly images” not clip art but his face as popular emoji signs in picture.

KEVMOJI Emoji App Uply Media

While both of these mega stars did have a mass following already. Still any person or interest with a following can create a successful hit emoji app and you don’t have to be a major celebrity just to pull this off.

Hit Emoji App Without Being A Celebrity

At Uply Media, Inc we released three hit emoji apps inside Apple’s App Store.

LipMojis the ultimate emoji keyboard for iPhone. A thrilling emoji keyboard app really fun way to spice up pure tender flirting by sending kissing lips in text messages.

Lipmoji Gif Keyboard Emoji App Uply Media 1

BirthdayMojis the best way to send a birthday wish using emojis. The perfect solution to wish happy birthday with cool emojis for iPhone! BirthdayMojis app is the best collection of new birthday themed emojis available anywhere.

BirthdayMoji Birthday Wish App Uply Media Emoji Keyboard

EbonyMoji is the top urban emoji app keyboard for iPhone. With EbonyMoji app you can make these emojis all your very own with a ultimate emoji keyboard to wow everybody.

EbonyMoji emoji app keyboard Uply Media Inc

Conducting research we targeted “popular interest” mobile search terms. Which we then created emoji app ideas centered around certain popular interest mobile search terms.

App ideas around “interest” can be lucrative because you already determine that people are searching for certain subject matter.

Anyone with a following should create an emoji app!

A blogger, author, brand, company etc can all create a hit emoji app.

How-to Make Money With Emoji Apps?

Over 6 billion emojis and stickers sent a day, it’s safe to say that people love visually driven communication (“emoji“ was even the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year for 2015). Nearly half of all Instagram posts include an emoji.

Messaging is the world’s new media channel. Owning an emoji app puts you on the path to creating wealth!!!

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