BirthdayMojis: Send Happy Birthday Themed Mojis Instantly

July 29, 2016

birthdaymojisiosiconThe perfect solution to wish happy birthday with cool emojis for iPhone! BirthdayMojis app is the best collection of new birthday themed emojis available anywhere. The ultimate emoji keyboard birthday wishes to wow everybody. Ideal to show off your very own personal way to express happy birthday when texting with trendy emoticon messages. A fun collection of emojis for sending text messages from a keyboard or as stickers for personalized branding.

You can even share BirthdayMojis app emojis in AirDrop to instantly connect with people nearby. Make sure they have AirDrop turned on from their Control Center on iOS or from Finder on Mac.

BirthdayMojis app was created in the very heart of Silicon Peach known as metro Atlanta, GA’s tech scene comparable to Silicon Valley. BirthdayMojis is the mastermind brainchild from Uply Media, Inc.

Hurry go download BirthdayMojis app today! More birthday theme emojis to be added in the future stay tuned….Eat cake! Turn Up! Happy Birthday!

BirthdayMojis AppInstructions:

1. Tap Settings > General
2. Tap Keyboard > Keyboard
3. Tap Add New Keyboard
4. Tap BirthdayMojis > BirthdayMojis
5. Tap Allow Full Access

Use For:

1. Keyboard
2. Texting
3. Messages
4. Email
5. Facebook
6. Clipboard
7. Save As Image
8. Assign To Contact
9. Copy
10. Print

Unlimited FUN, hurry download BirthdayMojis app today!



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